Brotherhood Is The Medicine – w/ Adam Jackson – Episode #59

Adam Jackson of Sacred Sons stands facing the camera, stoic and grounded.

Adam Jackson is the co-founder of The Sacred Sons, a mens’ community devoted to masculine alchemy. He joined me to talk about the unique way that his community is helping men connect to each other, and find conscious healing.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The history and mission of Sacred Sons.
  • Masculine Alchemy.
  • Diversity in men’s spaces.
  • Embodiment – what is it?
  • Healing from mental illness and addiction.
  • Creating sacred, safe spaces.
  • Confronting shadows, biases, and core beliefs to connect with others.
  • Combating divisiveness created by the media.
  • Resisting disconnection amidst COVID controversies.
  • Outsourcing discernment to the media.
  • Collective representation.
  • What work is right in front of you?
  • Self-sabotage.
  • Learning to close relationships properly.
  • The importance of gratitude and celebration.
  • The Lover archetype and how the Sacred Sons conjure it.
  • Brotherhood as medicine.
  • MDMA and plant medicine.
  • Using substances to open up vs. the “drugs” already inside of you.
  • The lack of brotherhood spaces for teens.
  • Mens’ personal responsibility to create connection and culture.
  • Finding growth and space in fatherhood.
  • The return of the Father archetype.
  • Family is a spiritual practice.
  • What is a Sacred Sons Embodied Masculine Experience (EMX). 


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