ADHD and Nervous System Optimization – with Adam Hart – Evolving Man Podcast episode #77

Adam Hart on Evolving Man

Adam Hart is an International Speaker & best selling author whose mission is to help busy parents transform their quality of life and develop deeply connected relationships with their partners and children.


Focusing on nervous system regulation, energetic attraction and natural holistic wellness practices, Adam leads his clients to living at their best.


Adam created a handout for our listeners called The 6 Step Unleash-Your-Energy Roadmap, available at



In this episode we dive into:

  • -ADHD & ADD diagnoses.
  • -Prescription medication and self-medicating.
  • -Nervous system regulation.
  • -Optimizing human performance in all areas of life. 
  • -Conscious parenting.
  • -Scattered minds in a dopamine-centered world. 
  • -Occupational burnout.
  • -Managing energy and stress responses in the moment.
  • -Fight or flight responses when rock climbing. 
  • -Recovery as an addiction vs. harm reduction. 
  • -Different foods affect brain chemistry. 
  • -Intelligent health and developing intuition. 
  • -The mind-body connection. 
  • -Becoming “unstuck.”
  • -Practicing co-regulation and self-regulation.
  • -Wim Hof breathwork & heart flow breath practice. 
  • -Committing to practicing simplicity.
  • -Nurturing the nervous system with compassion and empathy.
  • -Being in a community to support your healing. 
  • -Unleash Your Energy Roadmap (available at



Watch the episode here: