The Dance Of Partnership – Relationship Wisdom with Alison Armstrong – Evolving Man Episode 92

Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong has been teaching and speaking publicly about men and relationships for 3 decades. She is a thoughtful and inquisitive individual whose curiosity led her to a profound revelation about human behaviour and relationships. Through her deep contemplation and examination of male development, she realized that men often react independently of women’s influences, shaped instead by their developmental stages.


Her insights shed light on the misconceptions women might have, believing that a man’s dedication to his career or personal goals could signify a lack of love. Alison’s keen realization emphasizes that men and women’s actions and priorities are influenced by different developmental needs, rather than personal affection or commitment. Her work aims to foster better understanding and communication between genders.


In this episode, Alison and I explore the complexities of conflict resolution, emphasizing the importance of curiosity over false conclusions. We discuss the evolution of the men’s movement, strategies for handling relationships, and the power dynamics between genders. Alison shares her own transformative experience of challenging negative perceptions of men and highlights the critical role of empathy and understanding in nurturing strong, healthy relationships.



On this episode, we discuss:


  • How men and women deal differently with emotions.
  • How women can get what they need while empowering men.
  • How she became a champion for men, and a helper in relationships between men and women.
  • Frog farming vs. discovering princes.
  • Helping women understand stages of men’s development.
  • How she learned to stop diminishing men, and how that changed her relationships.
  • Ways that women justify disempowering men.
  • Moving ‘from furious to curious’.
  • Learning to improve communication.
  • Dropping over-fixation on boundaries and leaning in with curiosity.
  • Avoiding labelling each other.
  • Being “pro-choice orgasm”
  • Tips on really listening to each other, and common traps of not listening.
  • The importance of making friends outside your relationship.
  • How her work has changed over the years.
  • Her thoughts on different waves of feminism.

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