Men’s Embodiment – with Amir Khalighi – Evolving Man Episode #72

Amir Khalighi headshot on Evolving Man

Amir Khalighi is the founder and lead facilitator for The Embodied Masculine, a training ground for men that empowers men to connect to their bodies, their purpose, and to nature. Amir runs immersion retreats and weekly embodiment circles that integrate his 5 pillars to facilitate powerful transformations in his students.

Amir joined me to talk about the impacts of men doing their work to know their inner masculine and feminine energies, and the inner strength and power that comes as a result of nurturing a personal spiritual practice.

In this episode we dive into:

  • Amir’s definition of men’s work.
  • Exploring the self through embodiment, somatic, and shamanic work. 
  • Our wounds as our teachers. 
  • Paradigm shifts. 
  • Father wounds.
  • Stepping into service and giving back to the world. 
  • The importance and significance of “present” male figures in a community. 
  • Self-regulation for boys
  • Integrating shadow aspects of self. 
  • Archetypal work and energies. 
  • Interconnectedness and living in fulfillment. 
  • Nurturing the evolution and empowerment of The Masculine. 
  • Shifting a culture through generations.
  • The Conscious King.
  • How men can practice being with Feminine power. 
  • How do men do external and internal work with their own Feminine essence? 
  • Feminine embodiment practices in men’s work.
  • Ideologies and energetics in mixed martial arts. 
  • Structured Masculine practices. 
  • The 5 instruments in Amir’s work: attention, breath, sound, movement, visualization. 
  • Creating space and emptiness in oneself.  
  • Reframing the concept of the unknown.
  • The human birthright of divine connection. 
  • What work should be done alone vs. with community?
  • Recovery and addiction work ideology in men’s work. 
  • Plant medicine. 
  • Stepping away from AA (12 steps) and listening to the inner call for deeper growth. 
  • Amir’s men’s work offerings. 
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