Femininity And Polarity – with Anna Rova – Episode #46

Anna Rova is a feminine embodiment coach based out of Australia. She is the host of the Girl Skill Podcast – soon to be called “Claimed” – where she shares insights and tools for women to embrace their wild feminine nature. She also runs a program for successful single women who are looking to attract their ideal “masculine man”. Today she joins me to answer questions about embracing femininity and how to create polarity in relationship.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How women can connect to their wild feminine nature.

  • The movement of polarity: understanding aspects of our masculine and feminine nature.

  • The opposition of the feminine and masculine being anything but a social construct.

  • How pregnancy can change your point of view about your feminine nature and allow for a shift of the femininity inside yourself.

  • Why feminine and masculine polarity is what creates attraction and sustainability in any relationship, hetero or otherwise.

  • How a woman’s power comes from her fulfillment and being in her body, rather than having to “be” and “do” everything in life.

  • Why being independent doesn’t mean a woman can’t be interdependent or shouldn’t trust a man.

  • The twisted idea of womanhood: femininity equals weakness.

  • Medicalizing birth: the disconnection we have from birth and the reverence of femininity.

  • How the feminist movement plays a role in why we don’t give femininity the power it deserves.

  • The woman who has it all – wives, mothers, ambitious and successful, and also wants a masculine man.

  • The type of woman a man wants once he starts to own his maturity and step into his own masculine core.

  • What women need to do to learn how to step into their feminine power.

  • How Anna teaches women to shift from overthinking and creating stories in their heads, to existing in their bodies.

  • The importance of women getting to a place where they can attract a man who is ready, available, has done his work, and stands strong in his masculinity.

  • Why men need guidance from other men to stand in their masculinity.

  • What it means to be a claimed woman.

  • 3 ways to embody masculine essence – PCP (presence, claim, and penetration).

  • Why women should lean on the masculine within themselves and the men in their lives for support.

  • The difference between a circadian and infradian rhythm and how they impact men and women in society.

  • How women have become disconnected from their natural cycles and the importance of scheduling day-to-day life around these cycles.

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