Men’s Health, Hormones, and Longevity – w/ Dr. Anthony Balduzzi – Episode #49

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is changing an entire generation of men. After losing his father as a child, he became committed to learning the best ways for men to live the longest and healthiest lives as possible. After completing medical school and spending years as a bodybuilder, he became a fitness coach and created the Fit Father Project – a health and wellness company aimed at helping men (especially “older men”) lose weight, build muscle, and get their energy back.

In this episode we discuss the fundamentals of living a long, strong, healthy life. We talk about hormones, diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, breathwork, and lots more.

In this episode we dive in to the following:

  • Anthony’s personal story, experiencing his father’s early death, which led to his background in personal training, bodybuilding, and medical school.

  • The philosophy of the Fit Father Project – simple and sustainable health and wellness for busy men.

  • The fitness world can teach someone what the medical world neglects.

  • Ben’s 100 year old grandfather.

  • Slowing down aging without becoming obsessed with it.

  • How to better manage hormones as we get older.

  • What the “ideal aging process” looks like.

  • The misconception around aging – are we really simply just alive and moving straight toward death?

  • How to limit the amount of damage we accrue that could affect our life cycle through: the food we ingest, the quality of air we breathe, the exercise we do, and managing our stress levels.

  • What things kill most people and how can we prevent them from happening to ourselves?

  • Fasting and how it contributes to a rejuvenation process throughout the body.

  • 4 square meals a day – criticisms.

  • Bodybuilding – not always necessarily conducive to living the longest life.

  • Testosterone levels – are important, but not the only factor in living a long and healthy life.

  • Methods of boosting testosterone.

  • The importance of keeping cortisol and testosterone levels balanced

  • An explanation of Daniel Buettner’s work – the fundamentals to living a long life.

  • The “typical man’s man” and why this isn’t always a healthy lifestyle practice.

  • How to do at home hormone testing with Let’s Get Checked.

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) – once you start, it’s hard to stop.

  • Other T boosters – high intensity exercise, vitamin D3, sunbathing, living as close to nature as possible and eating real, non-processed foods.

  • The implications of Xenoestrogens and where it can be found in our daily routines.

  • Important vitamins and minerals for maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

  • The immense benefits of doing hot and cold therapy.

  • Why prolonged fasting is so beneficial in terms of cleaning out our “tubes”.

  • The work of John Rose and Dr. Zach Bush – learning about juicing and the gut.

  • The plethora of benefits of breathing through the nose.

  • Wim Hof style breathwork – how it works and why cyclic and rounds breathwork can aid in healing our bodies.

  • How the breath is the access point to our nervous system and why it is very important to be conscious of our breathing.

  • Is it possible for men to keep their testosterone levels high? How do we combat its natural decline with aging – and should we do so?

  • When is the right time to start looking into TRT – if ever?

  • Why testosterone levels and lifestyle factors need to be used together.

  • The various implications of increasing testosterone.

  • The importance of getting morning sunshine and supplementing with D3 if you live in an area with lack of sunlight.

  • The Fit Father Project’s testosterone supplement.

  • An explanation of adaptogens and how they can help deal with stress.

  • Anthony’s opinion on drinking coffee.

  • The importance of incorporating meaningful work, service, and social connection into one’s life.

  • The distinction between meaningful work and work that can make you a lot of money.

  • True happiness is found through self-transcendent practices.

  • The importance of keeping your brain active in order to reduce cognitive decline – especially through a daily meditation practice.

This was a huge episode with a ton of information covered. Bookmark it, listen to it again, share it with your friends.


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