The Transformational Power of The Breath Wave – with Robin Clements – Episode #30

Robin Clements is a facilitator of an advanced transformational breath technique he calls The Breath Wave. This technique creates altered states of consciousness that can be as powerful and impactful as psychedelics like Ayahuasca and Psilocybin without many of the side effects.

Robin has been studying and practicing with the human body for over two decades, and after receiving certifications in massage, energy work, and breath work, he developed a unified breath experience – one that has produced experiences for me that feel like a total re-birth.

I personally have had my mind and heart blown wide open using these breath techniques, and I want people to know how powerful breath work can be.

This isn’t something you need to fly across the world and devote thousands of dollars to learn or experience. It is available in bite sized chunks, in the comfort of your home, if you learn to do it well. In this episode, we discuss how people can develop a daily transformational breath practice that can be done in as little as 10-20 minutes.

Note for Wim-Hof Method practitioners: This is a different technique and requires different methods, for your safety. Do not do an ‘out hold’ after doing this method. Instead, stay with your breath but keep it slow, without holding. If you Wim-Hof practitioners have questions, you can comment below and I’ll reply.

On this episode, Robin discusses:

  • Our modern nervous systems in the generalized anxious and disconnected state.

  • The wave of interest in relaxation techniques that help people balance the nervous system.

  • The loop between your nervous system and your breath.

  • The basic method of Conscious Connected Breathing.

  • The physical healing, cleansing, and detoxification that breath work can provide.

  • Altered states of consciousness stimulated by breath work.

  • Working with our unconscious (and with trauma) while doing breath work.

  • The key to letting go and surrendering during the breathwave method.

  • How control patterns show up in the breath. If you have issues with CONTROL, breath work can change your life.

  • How the altered state can change your genes by bringing your body in to homeostasis.

  • The benefits of lowering stress in your life (this cannot be overstated)

  • How to do this practice in 5-10 minutes.

  • Why you need to learn to listen to your body more as you get older.

  • Why you’ll want to find a trained teacher before doing a “full session” at 45-60 minutes.

  • The tools you can use in a breath session to liberate stuck energy.

  • How music is used as a powerful tool in a breath session.

  • Boosting your daily energy with the use of a daily breath practice.

  • How this work can prepare us for what is to come.


Robin’s website –

Robin’s pre-recorded Soundcloud breath journeys – Soundcloud/robin-clements

The 20 Minute self-practice session

Deep Tissue organ massage, as mentioned on the show – James Bell at Our Healing Room.

Still don’t know what The Breath Wave is? Listen to the episode, and see Robin’s words below:

‘The Breath Wave’ is an open and balanced self-practice of your own breath, flowing as a relaxed and continuous wave. This full respiratory breathing technique enhances the flow of oxygen and life force (prana) throughout the body and mind, slows down the patterns of the brain and the nervous system and cultivates a high vibrational frequency; facilitating vibrant health, mental and emotional clarity and a liberating connection with our higher self.“You are your own greatest healer and teacher” – Robin Clements