Ben Goresky
Twelve Step Programs Explained – with Ben Goresky – Episode...

Twelve Step programs have helped millions of people recover from addictions over the past 85+ years. In this episode we talk about why they work, the myths and the criticisms, and we make an attempt at a balanced look at the pros and cons of these programs.   This is a solo episode with Ben […]

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Amir Khalighi headshot on Evolving Man
Men’s Embodiment – with Amir Khalighi – Evolving Man Episode...

Amir Khalighi is the founder and lead facilitator for The Embodied Masculine, a training ground for men that empowers men to connect to their bodies, their purpose, and to nature. Amir runs immersion retreats and weekly embodiment circles that integrate his 5 pillars to facilitate powerful transformations in his students. Amir joined me to talk […]

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Alex Olshonsky sits on a couch before his interview on The Evolving Man Podcast
Deep Fix – Addiction In Silicon Valley, Recovery, and Plant...

Alex Olshonsky, aka “Olo,” is a writer and the founder of Deep Fix – a newsletter, somatic coaching practice, and fast-growing digital community. He is also the co-founder of Natura Care Programs, an interdisciplinary entheogenic program combating addiction. Alex is a former Silicon Valley executive at companies like Twitter, Salesforce, Copper, Slack, and VentureBeat. He […]

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12 Step Addiction Recovery Meets The Psychedelic Renaissance – w/...

Jessica Cadoch is a researcher whose masters’ thesis focussed on building a bridge between the well established 12 step recovery approach for addiction recovery, and the emerging movement of psychedelic assisted therapy for trauma. Since addiction is often rooted in trauma, her question is an important one: “How can addicted people in abstinence-based recovery benefit […]

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I Healed My Addiction With Plant Medicines and Ayahuasca

This is my story. From addiction at age 14, to rehab, to recovery and beyond. I was a medicated kid, lost in the system, and looking for a way out. When I entered my teen years, drugs and alcohol became my medication.I didn’t need medication, I needed medicine.

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The Idea That Addictions Can’t Be Healed Is A Myth

Addiction is hard to escape. It claims many lives, and those who do get out alive are bruised and scarred, and will never be the same. Most addiction recovery models teach that an addict can never recover. But that's not the whole story.

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The Difference Between Good And Bad Addictions

Our culture’s language tells us that there are good addictions like exercise, healthy diet, or work - and there are bad ones like drugs, alcohol, and gambling. That isn’t the whole story. When we look at what addiction really is, the comparison doesn’t add up.

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You Are Not Addicted To Coffee

You are probably not addicted to coffee. That might sound like a bold statement coming from someone who hasn’t seen how bad you crave coffee every morning, but that’s only because in our society, we have some drastic misunderstandings of what an addiction is.

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