An End To Arguing: Valuable Lessons For Relationships – with Charlie Bloom – Episode 90

Charlie and Linda Bloom

Charlie Bloom and his wife Linda have been writing and teaching about relationships for decades, and he joins me on the heels of the release of their recent book “An End To Arguing: 101 Valuable Lessons For All Relationships”


We discuss these points and more:


-Differences are unavoidable; conflict is not.

-Your partner thinks differently than you.

-Ways to free yourselves from impasses.

-It’s often better to just drop a fight until your heads are cooler.

-Deepening a relationship beats winning an argument.

-Speak according to the receptivity of your partner.

-Learn to see the fears of yourself and your partner.

-Learn to share responsibility for problems with your partner.

-Coming out of victim scripts into co-creation.

-Different relationships have different kinds of conflict.

-Are there couples who never fight?

-Learning how to be in conflict.

-‘Sudden’ endings to relationships are often years in the making.

-Translating relational teachings into action.

-Losing the hope that you’ll never get triggered

-The biases of friends supporting us in relationships.


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