The Shadow Of The Father – with Connor Beaton – Episode #74

Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, a platform that guides men to better themselves through deep work, inspiring conversations, and connection to other men on the path. He is a father, a coach, and he is releasing his new book: Men’s Work – A Practical Guide To Face Your Darkness, End Self-Sabotage, And Find Freedom.


In this episode we dive into one of the topics in his book, The Shadow Of The Father.


We also discuss:


  • -Leading yourself through darkness. 
  • -The overly domesticated soft man. 
  • -The archetype of The Father. 
  • -The absent father and it’s effects on young men.
  • -Repeating vs. opposing cycles of fathers. 
  • -The importance of awareness and confession.
  • -Learning how to father yourself.
  • -Coping mechanisms in childhood and how they affect you as an adult.
  • -Asking: What is the truth about the relationship with your father?
  • -Grief and pain need to be witnessed.
  • -Healing the relationship to men and the masculine. 
  • -Individualistic vs. community healing. 
  • -Suppression is not a strength. 
  • -Infidelity and porn.
  • -Using porn to regulate your nervous system.
  • -Assessing your personal relationship to porn?
  • -Men’s groups and the value of accountability. 

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