The Conscious
The Conscious Relationship Council:
A Live Relationship Training For Men
Learn the skills and techniques required for relationship mastery,
change your negative patterns, and discover how to thrive in your relationships,
in 12 weeks.

Learn the skills and techniques required for relationship mastery, change your negative patterns, and discover how to thrive in your relationships,
in 12 weeks.

Every promising relationship starts with a honeymoon phase: a time of curiosity, excitement, and continuous discovery.

It feels good to be exploring new things about another person, and to feel like they are discovering us for the first time.
As time goes on, the honeymoon phase comes to an end and freshness is replaced by power struggle and conflict, at which point we often go looking for a new honeymoon.
But as a man gets older, he realizes that in order to have a long term relationship – with stability, depth, and family – he needs to stay put and “figure out relationships”.

“My biggest pain point in my life has been my intimate relationships and I felt hopeless for a long time and that maybe I would never be able to create the relationship I hoped for. With the tools and feedback I have received from this program, I no longer feel hopeless and am actively creating the love life I always dreamed of.”

– Tyler D.

The trouble is, nobody teaches men how to do relationships.

We don’t learn it in school.


We don’t learn it from our friends.


In fact, for better or worse, we learn what we know about relationships from our parents.


If you’re like many of the coaching clients I work with, you want a relationship that is uplifting, connected, and full of passion over the years. You want clear communication, great sex, the whole package.


But instead you find passion leaking out of the relationship and being replaced with conflict, triggers, criticism, or even worse: a kind of “dead-zone”, where there’s very little energy left at all. Your lover has become your roommate.


I used to think this kind of struggle in romantic relationships was unique to me. But after learning from various masters, I found out that there are common patterns that we all run. And those patterns can be interrupted. 

And the best way to learn them is in a confidential container with other men, where you can share and do your own work amongst other guys (combined with actively practicing the tools with your romantic partner).


That’s why I created The Conscious Relationship Council. It’s a live circle of support where I’m going to share the tools with you in a closed container.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn new relationship skills, do your own inner work, then go practice them with your romantic partner. And, you’ll then come back and get support from your men and integrate what you’ve learned.

“You will learn things about yourself, your partner and your romantic relationships that will change you forever, and for the better. Become who you know you can be. Turn up, get the tools and support, do the work, see real life changing results.”


– Teilo B.

This is a 12-week journey with 20 other men, and two relationship coaches.

Here are just some of the things you’re going to learn in this program:

The next CRC program will run from January 9th, 2024 to March 26th, 2024. Calls take place on Tuesdays from 4-6pm PST.

Your Guides

Ben Goresky

My name is Ben Goresky. I’m a men’s coach, a trained counselor, and a lifetime student of relationship work. I’m happily married to Sheleana Aiyana, a powerful writer, poet, and inspiration for women.


When I met Sheleana, I didn’t have the tools to last long term with her. Just at the right time, I found multiple teachers who gave me the tools to get past the power struggle phase of the relationship and find true partnership. I learned about conscious relationships, masculine embodiment, and men’s work. And I’ll be sharing those tools with you in this course.

Nick Solaczek

Nick is a Men’s coach, a couples therapist, and a Co-Director of The Arka Brotherhood men’s community.

Nick’s work with clients focuses on the teachings of IMAGO Therapy and the principles of conscious relationship. He teaches the fundamental skills people need to experience breakthroughs and transformation in their relationships. He works with men, women, and couples.

He’s also in a happy, healthy relationship.

Here is what you’ll learn over 12 weeks with us:

Understand WHAT healthy relationships look like
& learn what sustains them.

Week 1: The Basics
• “Relationship Killers” – Why Some Relationships Don’t Work
• What A Healthy Relationship Looks Like
• The 4 Phases That Every Romantic Relationship Goes Through


Week 2: Conscious Relationship Principles
• Conscious Relationship Foundational Principles
• How To Be A Partner Who Has Something To Give


Week 3: The Wheel Of Relationship
• The TWO Things That Couples Need
• Defining Safety & Aliveness
• The Wheel of Relationship


Week 4: Historical Context of Mom & Dad
• Exploring The Historical Context of Your Relationship With Your Parents
• The Mother & Father Wounds
• Personal Sharing

Discover WHY you are the way you are in relationships.
We dig into the past, and show how it creates the present.

Week 5: Insights from Attachment Theory
• What are Attachment Styles and why are they important?
• How do these styles affect my romantic relationships?
• Going beyond Anxious/Avoidant Dance


Week 6: Where your ‘Not Good Enough’ story comes from
• How your childhood conditions set the stage for your adult relationships
• Explore the roots of your ‘Not Good Enough’ story
• Learn the TWO communication styles in relationship and how to work with them


Week 7: Discovering Your Personal Relationship Story
• Uncover your own Personal Relationship Story
• Learn what your unconscious mind is attracted to in relationships


Week 8: Relationship Maintenance
• Guidance on how to do relationship maintenance
• Strategies for holding space and practicing ‘clearings’ with your partner
• Learn about Mirroring & Validating

Learn HOW to make the changes you want to make.
We give you the tools you need.

Week 9: Going Deeper with Dialogue
• Learn how to have safe conversations with your partner and reduce reactivity in your relationship
• Practice using the IMAGO dialogue to express frustrations and concerns


Week 10: Boundaries
• Identifying boundary issues in your life and romantic relationships
• Clarifying what your needs really are in a positive context


Week 11: Learn The DYAD Method
• Tools for creating intimacy and depth with your partner
• A guide to having difficult conversations
• The keys to doing your own Depth Work


Week 12: Creating Your Relationship Vision
• Creating a shared vision for the relationship you really want

Members of the council will have access to a private chat within the Evolving Man Brotherhood on the Circle app with Nick, Ben, and the council for 12 weeks.


The next CRC program will run from January 9th, 2024 to March 26th, 2024. Calls take place on Tuesdays from 4-6pm PST.

“If you’re ready for an eye opening experience that will challenge you and guide you towards a fuller more present you in relationships, this is the course for you.”

– Jason M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in a relationship to join this program?


No, the focus is on learning practical tools that can be applied in your relationships and supporting you to dive deeper in your romantic relationship(s). We’re not focused on getting you into a relationship, but the material you learn in this program will benefit you in your future relationships.

What happens if I miss a call?


If you are unable to attend one of the calls, please notify us. We will make sure that you receive any tools, worksheets or other resources that are shared with the rest of the group. We won’t admit men to the program who are going to miss more than 3 meetings.

Will the calls be recorded?


No, this is a LIVE training. Due to the nature of these calls with personal sharing, we will not be recording them. This supports us in honouring the confidentiality agreement of the container.

What’s your refund policy?


Course registration is non-refundable, and is transferable to another Evolving Man program or course if notice is received prior 10 days of the course start date. Cancellations within the 10 days before the start date, and after the course start are non-refundable.
This course is live.  We sell seats in limited quantity, so any cancellations have consequences within the cohort.

Is this group LGBTQ friendly?


Yes. Any participant that identifies as a Man is welcome to join us. Our material will apply to gay relationships just as well as it applies hetero relationships.

When are the live calls?

Tuesday January 9th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday January 16th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday January 23th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday January 30th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday February 6th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday February 13th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday February 20th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday February 27th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday March 5th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday March 12th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday March 19th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

Tuesday March 26th, 2024 from 4-6pm PST

I don’t like groups. Could I do 1-1 coaching instead?


1 on 1 coaching is powerful and useful, and, we have found that group work has a potency and magic that makes it the ultimate change-making container. Many people have had bad experiences in groups – in school, on teams, or at work – that cause us to feel unsafe in group settings. This kind of container is different. There is safety, love, and trust at the foundation of this container. You will feel the integrity. So take the leap with us.

The next CRC program will run from January 9th, 2024 to March 26th, 2024. Calls take place on Tuesdays from 4-6pm PST.

Still got questions? Send me a message!


If you’d like to hear Nick and I in conversation, check out our podcast episode from last year.