The COVID-19 Survival Guide – with Sheleana Aiyana – Episode #42

COVID-19 has flipped the world – and the lives of everyone on it – upside down. Many jobs have been lost, everyone’s plans have been cancelled, and half the world has entered a self-quarantine lock-down state. People are in isolation either alone, with their families, or with a partner.

Relationships that may have been struggling prior to the lockdown, are now under major stress, because we’re all forced in. Being forced to isolate with each other is not always easy. And, some people are isolated alone. This is especially hard for the extroverts who thrive on being in physical connection with others.

In this episode Sheleana and I discuss ways you can take care of yourself and make the best of this time. We also share some strategies for couples to keep their relationship healthy at this challenging time.

If you’re alone in isolation, or cooped up with your romantic partner, this episode is for you.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Coping with physical isolation.

  • Choosing how to accept reality and make the best of it.

  • The witch-hunt – a way that people lash out at each other to look for control over their fear.

  • Addiction and substance use at this time.

  • Creating a routine and structure for self-care.

  • Digital detox. More important now than ever.

  • Digital dates with friends or romantic partners.

  • Consuming media VS interacting with real people online.

  • If you’re struggling: we share our tips. Reach out, find the resources you need.

  • Somatic tools for de-stressing and calming the nervous system.

  • Breathwork – A powerful tool for immunity and nervous system regulation.

  • Fear and the link to the immune system.

  • The challenges Sheleana and I are facing in isolation.

  • What couples are facing right now in isolation.

  • How to deal with loss of attraction and polarity when in close quarters consistently.

  • How to meet each others’ needs in isolation.

  • Negativity in dialogue, and how to deal with it.

  • Powerful simple exercises for connecting in quarantine.

  • Mirroring in dialogue.

  • Sharing appreciation with your partner – a very good tool.

  • How to honour your partner’s needs and resolve disagreements about Covid precautions.

  • Creating safety – learning to listen with non-reactivity.

  • Successful couples are able to solve big problems together.

  • Using competition to strengthen relationship.


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