DOSED 2 – The End Of The Drug War – with Tyler Chanlder and Nick Meyers – Episode #52

Tyler Chandler and Nick Meyers from the DOSED documentary are back to dig even deeper into the healing powers of psychedelics and discuss how the psychedelic revolution is making its way into government policies. They share multiple personal accounts of their experiences taking psychedelics, all which led to their own personal growth. We also covered the ongoing mental health and addiction crisis, the negative impact of modern medicine, religion, censorship on social media, and most importantly, DOSED 2 which is in production now.

Watch the episode on Youtube below:

In this episode, we discuss:

  • DOSED is now live on streaming platforms.

  • How the pandemic has impacted its reach.

  • Isolation and COVID restrictions worsening the mental health and addiction crisis.

  • Why watching DOSED can be beneficial to the whole world.

  • The major downfalls of the “war on drugs”.

  • The growth of psychedelic research.

  • The psychedelic revolution making its way to the government level.

  • Big Pharma vs. plant medicine.

  • How medication treats the symptom of problems.

  • Parallels between drug addicts and medication to treat mental illness.

  • Why psychedelics treat the root of problems.

  • How psychedelics lead to the dissolution of ego.

  • Tyler’s profound experience taking psychedelics for the first few times.

  • What inner-work looks like, while on psychedelics.

  • The necessity of connectivity and understanding.

  • Taking mushrooms for personal growth.

  • Nick and Tyler’s experiences with DMT.

  • The progress being made in Canada to access psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic purposes.

  • DOSED 2 Nick and Tyler’s next film project about psilocybin and terminal illness.

  • Navigating shadow bans and censorship on social media.

  • How to watch DOSED.

To watch DOSED and stay up to date on Tyler and Nick’s projects, check out the links below:

DOSED Website