Dosed: From Addiction To Freedom – Episode #44

Tyler Chandler and Nicholas Meyers had a friend who was deep in the throws of opioid addiction. They wanted to help, so they went looking for solutions and grabbed their camera. Research led them to psilocybin mushrooms, and the result was a documentary film called “Dosed”.

Dosed follows the journey of Adrianne as she uses psychedelics to heal her Opioid addiction. After touring the world and receiving immensely positive feedback and film nominations, Tyler, Nick and Adrianne joined me to discuss the significance of using psychedelics as medicine for the future of addiction recovery.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The use of psychedelics for treating depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

  • Finding a profound shift in consciousness after using psychedelics.

  • Uncovering that assumptions about psychedelics are not all based in truth – there are many misunderstandings.

  • Adrianne’s internal struggles with opioid addiction and trying to introduce other drugs as a healing method.

  • How different treatments may work for people attempting to overcome various struggles including Iboga, Ayahuasca, and “magic mushrooms”.

  • Adrianne’s challenging yet rewarding experience of cutting her physical cravings of opioid addiction through Iboga ceremonies.

  • Non-traditional entryways to recovery from addiction.

  • The importance of having a support system and community to rely on while recovering from addiction.

  • The need to release oneself from strict expectations from oneself, family members, and support groups.

  • The importance of spiritual connection while healing.

  • Facing challenges reconciling multiple world views and accepting there is not one specific path to recovery – choosing your own path is the most important.

  • The process of legalizing psychedelics for therapy use and the importance of decriminalizing drug use for the success of society.

  • How to get connected to and find access to people who are passionate about the medical use of psychedelics.

  • The future of treatment centers: what services they will provide and how they will function.

  • Psychedelics aren’t just for people who are addictive or mentally ill – there’s benefits for everyone.

  • How psychedelics can connect you to your deepest self and help you become the best version of yourself.

  • The difference between psychedelics and other drugs – their anti-addictive properties and using them recreationally versus medicinally.

  • Where the root of addiction lives – intention or lack thereof.

  • Multiple resources for more information on psychedelics

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