The Paradox Of Human Existence – with Dr. Zach Bush – Episode #58

Dr. Zach Bush sitting with hands clasped facing camera on the Evolving Man Podcast

Dr. Zach Bush is a multi-disciplinary physician of internal medicine, endocrinology, hospice care and an internationally recognized educator on the microbiome as it relates to human health, soil health, food systems, and a regenerative future.

Zach joined me to discuss the current state of health in the world and how living in a toxic environment exacerbates the spread of disease amongst humans. Studies referenced in the episode are at the bottom of this page.


In this episode we discuss:

  • The paradox of views surrounding COVID vaccines.
  • How the immune system works.
  • Flu vaccines increase coronavirus symptoms.
  • GMO mechanisms.
  • The definition of ‘vaccine’.
  • Differences between the COVID vaccines.
  • How spike proteins harm the body.
  • Cas9: our bodies own vaccine cards.
  • Will vaccines get rid of coronavirus?
  • The history of coronaviruses.
  • The flu vs. coronavirus.
  • Myths about PCR and our relationship to coronaviruses.
  • Personal responsibility over our immune systems.
  • Genetic modification of food.
  • What we can learn from the DDT ban.
  • Creating a call to action for our future.
  • Is SARS Covid 2 a naturally occurring virus?
  • A biological look on how the virus impacts each of our bodies.
  • Histotoxic hypoxia, cyanide poisoning, and hospitalizations.
  • The India outbreak.
  • The importance of breath.
  • Benefits of Vitamin D.
  • Racial and socioeconomic impacts on the pandemic.
  • The bottleneck of information on public health.
  • The downsides to social distancing.
  • Response to critiques of Zach’s from the Conspirituality podcast.
  • Changes in mortality rates and chronic diseases in children.
  • Romanticization of nature.
  • War-like mentality between nature and mankind.
  • Soil, water, and air systems collapsing modern society.
  • Intuitive knowing vs. science.
  • Macro and micro struggles during the pandemic.


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Studies referenced in this episode:

  • Flu vaccine has never been able to show that it changes the rate of influenza, but in small segments in each trial people have a 6 hours difference between how long symptoms exist. Summary here
  • 2018 Cochrane review of all studies on influenza vaccine efficacy –  this study shows no change in Influenza like illness in any of the 13 studies reviewed from 1980 to 2018.  They try to report that there is less laboratory proven influenza in vaccinated, but they admit in the discussion that this is likely due to difficulty detecting by standard lab techniques in later phase of presentation, and they state that using RT-PCR there is no evidence of decrease in influenza positivity between vaxed and unvaxed groups in the 13 studies. Study here.
  • Viruses bind to carbon particulate in atmosphere from air pollution  Study here
  • Typically less than 1% of all adverse events from vaccines are reported as published here
  • Number one risk factor in Covid is Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D level higher than 50, chances of getting viral infection are very low. Article with link to study
  • Byron Bridal – part of operational safety study of vaccines, complications and protein spikes throughout the body –  Study Here.  
  • Distribution of DNA vaccines determines their immunogenicity after intramuscular injection in mice. Study here
  • Tracing back coronaviruses 800 years –  This study mentions they date back to 10K years. 
  • Genetic engineering of food and use of herbicides – eating herbicide chemicals, third generation of people exposed to these will put this into their sperm and ovaries, and integrate it into sperm lines. Study here
  • Studies of DDT being sprayed in 1950s, banned quickly but children born to women exposed to it had health problems, and more problems with 2nd and 3rd generations. Study here
  • 5700 patients admitted to ICU in NY hospitals from study in Journal of American Medicine – none had a fever, viral infection, or change in blood count, presented with liver injury, and all had clear chest x-rays (signs of histotoxic hypoxia) Study here
  • Most common cause of histotoxic hypoxia in literature is cyanide poisoning Study here.