Embracing The Uncomfortable – w/ Stef Sifandos – Episode #61

Stef Sifandos looking powerful

Stefanos Sifandos is a relational alchemist who works with people to dissolve fear, find their power, and uncover their blocks to intimacy. He has also been working with men’s circles for years, with Sacred Sons and currently the MPowered Brotherhood in Austin, Texas. Stef joined me to talk about how men can heal their nervous systems using simple practices, ‘safe’ containers, and trauma-informed techniques.

In this episode we discuss:

    • Maximizing human potential. 
    • Clearing the clutter of the past.
    • Putting on metaphorical masks.
    • Are we making decisions from places of hurt?
    • Unconscious responses in conflict.
    • Challenging internalized beliefs.
    • Environmental conditioning.
    • Physiological habits.
    • Feeling safe in chaos.
    • Exploring the unknown.
    • Mirroring in relationships.
    • Self-regulation of the nervous system.
    • Pendulation vs. Flooding.
    • Therapeutic experiences in men’s group work.
    • What spaces can help heal our nervous systems?
    • The personal responsibility of doing inner work. 
    • Self-soothing outcomes of psychedelics.
    • Avoiding silence.
    • Stef’s and Ben’s initiation experiences.
    • Connecting with nature. 
    • Simple practices to connect to our true selves.
    • Getting comfortable in discomfort.
    • Challenging ourselves in day-to-day life.
    • Developing resilience through movement.


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