Social Media, Porn, & the Modern Man – with Devon Ash & Steve Parr – Episode #3

I sat down with Devon O’Brien Ash and Steve Parr for a conversation about social media, porn, and how modern men are coping with a virtual world. We also talk about dating, pickup, and learning how to relate to women.

Devon is a dating coach and the founder of The Ash Approach – formerly Social Fluency, in Vancouver, BC. The Ash Approach uses science-based, reality-tested methods to align a person and get in touch with their authenticity to achieve social mastery:

Steve Parr is the Co-Founder of Heart Homes, a life coach, and a lawyer specializing in small business law at Parr Business Law.

On the podcast, we discuss the brotherhood group that has leveled us up on a consistent basis, and helped us in our relationships, and our business: Lead by Phil Teertha MistlbergerThe Samurai Brotherhood.

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