Healing with Ayahuasca and Plant Medicines – w/ Andy & Mike from Vancouver Real – Episode #9

Andy and Mike Zaremba (founders of Float House) hosted me at The Vancouver Real for a collaborative episode released on Evolving Man and Vancouver Real. I tell my personal story and talk about my past with addiction, and my long road of recovery.

On this episode, we discuss:

-My personal story of healing

-Addiction and its origins

-Trauma and birth trauma

-Drug rehab

-AA and the 12 steps

-The Spiritual experience

-Psychedelics: Psilocybin Mushrooms and Ayahuasca

-Safe and appropriate use of plant medicines

There’s a video version – Get it HERE.

Check out the article that goes with this podcast, where I describe my healing journey – I Healed My Addiction with Plant Medicines and Ayahuasca

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