Men’s Work With Depth – with Matthew Stillman – Episode #10

Matthew Stillman has been doing men’s work since he was a young man. He has worked directly with influential figures such as Robert Bly, David Deida, and Mantak Chia. In his years of experience, Matthew has gained wisdom in traditions that are uncommon to the average man.

Join us as we discuss Matthew’s latest men’s group which contains some novel structures that breathe life in to the group.

Matt’s Bio:

Matthew Stillman has a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Literature from SUNY Geneseo. After a lifelong study and practice with aspects of the Eastern and Western spiritual practice and discipline and many years of deep engagement with long form improvisational comedy, he started his creative approaches service and consultancy on the streets of New York offering strangers ‘creative approaches’ to what they had been struggling with – big or small, personal or professional, mundane or profoundly esoteric. Matthew helps people look at whatever is burdening them in new ways. Not to solve the problems but to court new relationships with them.

An author of the book “Genesis Deflowered”, a book of biblical erotica written in Elizabethan English looking how we might heal the fracture between sex and spirit in our culture, and the conceiver and producer of “The End of Poverty?” – a feature length documentary about the origins of poverty and why it persists in a world with so much wealth- premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Directors Choice commendation. He has spoken at the UN four times about his film.

Matthew started a skin care company, Primal Derma, he is a tantric bodyworker and is currently working on four books.

Matthew is a life-long New Yorker, a lover of language, culture, and is a practitioner of bigger questions and wondering aloud and sitting in mystery. He is currently a student of The Orphan Wisdom School.

Matthew’s website –
Twitter – @stillmansays

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