Recover From Addiction & THRIVE – with Jordan Gray – Episode #15

In this episode, my friend Jordan Gray joins me for a conversation about addiction, recovery, and healing the wounds that bind us. Jordan’s wealth of experience and knowledge comes clear in this engaging conversation about what the heck addiction really is, and how some people are able to treat it and recover. Jordan is a sex and relationship coach who understands sex addiction, and we dig in to that in this episode.

As an addictions coach, I have worked with hundreds of clients. I am inspired by Jordan’s story because he has been able to recover from his addiction and help others on a large scale. Sex addiction affects many more people than most people think, and the cunning nature of it insures it can lurk in the shadows for years. It takes a concerted effort to illuminate it and find the solution.

In this episode we cover:

  • What qualifies as an addiction?

  • Habit vs Dependency vs Addiction – Whats the difference?

  • Sex addiction and how it compares to drug addictions

  • Cannabis / Marijuana addiction

  • The 5 elements of holistic addiction recovery

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