Treatments for the Opioid Crisis – with Garyth Moxey – Episode #40

At this point, nearly everyone in North America knows someone who is addicted to (or has died from) Opioid use. The problem has reached epidemic proportions in the US and Canada. In this episode, I sit down with a man who has been treating Opiate addiction for years.

Garyth operates an Ibogane Treatment Centre called Inner Realms that detoxifies Opiates from the system in a matter of days. He helps addicts free themselves from the stranglehold of withdrawal symptoms and physical dependency, and then points them towards long term recovery.

Opiate addiction has one of the highest relapse rates and highest death rates of any drug use, so solutions that can fully detox addicts and give them a strong chance at recovery are very unique.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Garyth’s story of alcohol and opiate addiction.

  • The Peace Convoy in the 80s – unemployed hippie drug culture.

  • How Garyth experienced a breakthrough on LSD that lead him to get clean from Alcohol.

  • Garyth’s story going to rehab.

  • The two crucial steps to recovering from addiction – Getting off the drug of choice, and learning to deal with the stress of regular life without using.

  • The importance of community in addiction recovery. Can not be overstated.

  • How Garyth found Ibogane, and saw it’s powerful effects.

  • What is Iboga and Ibogane, and where does it come from?

  • What are the traditional uses of Iboga.

  • What Ibogane clinics look like.

  • The dark reality of Methadone and Suboxone for Opioid addiction.

  • The documentary that best shows opiate addiction – DOSED.

  • Legal barriers to the use of Ibogane and Iboga.

  • What the future of Opiate treatment looks like.

  • The best aftercare treatment for Ibogane patients.

  • How the best addiction treatment works.

  • The proper use of psychedelics for later recovery.

  • The importance of diet in addiction recovery, and how diet can sabotage recovery.

Garyth Moxey runs Inner Realms Centre for Ibogane therapy. He lives in Vancouver BC, and travels to Mexico to administer treatments, where Ibogane is legal. He then sends his patients to aftercare treatment.

You can find Garyth at his website –