Working Through Conflict In High Stakes Relationships – w/ Jayson Gaddis – Ep. #64

Portrait of Jayson Gaddis


Jayson Gaddis is an author, podcaster, speaker, and “personal trainer for relationships”. He is a global leader on interpersonal conflict and connection. He joins me on the show to discuss the keys to success in relationship, and his book “Getting To Zero – How To Work Through Conflict In Your High Stakes Relationships”.

In this episode we dive into:

  • How to be better in relationships.
  • The Relationship School.
  • The one common denominator in relationship struggles – ourselves.
  • Avoidance tendencies.
  • How we learn to “do conflict”.
  • Conflict as an inevitable part of a relationship.
  • Conflict as a mirror.
  • Honest and authentic interactions.
  • How to manage and navigate conflict.
  • The “why” of relationships.
  • Active listening skill development.
  • The higher purpose of relationships.
  • Relational blueprints.
  • Attachment/Conflict Styles: Seeker and Avoider.
  • Polarity and romance.
  • Shadow Vows.
  • How to handle your triggers and your partner’s triggers?
  • Attuning to loved one’s nervous systems.
  • What’s at the core of getting back to zero?
  • Understanding the other person’s experience (LUFU).
  • 10 Roadblocks to Reconnection.
  • Where else can these tools be applied in your life?

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