Indigenous Wisdom on Parenting, Plant Medicines, and Personal Growth – with Vivien Vilela – Episode # 91

Vivien Vilela

In this episode, we’re diving deep into the world of sacred plant medicines, indigenous wisdom, and conscious parenting with the extraordinary Vivien Vilela. We explore the delicate art of harvesting peyote, the spiritual importance of maintaining a respectful relationship with the earth, and the dangers of commodifying sacred plants. Vivien shares her journey from the party scene to a profound spiritual awakening. We discuss the significance of ceremony and proper guidance when working with plant medicines, and we specifically discuss Peyote.


We also talk about the visionary Aniwa Gathering, a transformative event founded by Vivien, which brings together indigenous leaders from around the world to share sacred ceremonies and wisdom without the use of entheogenic medicines. Learn about the critical need for sustainable practices, the impact of screen addiction on children’s development, and how to raise children naturally in a city environment.


In this conversation, we touch on the importance of spiritual initiations, and the lifelong journey of personal growth and healing. Whether you’re a parent, a seeker of spiritual wisdom, or someone curious about indigenous practices, this episode offers valuable insights into living a conscious, connected life. 



 On this episode, we discuss:


  • Harvesting and use of Peyote properly
    • Destruction and Disruption of Peyote Plants
    • Efforts to educate on responsible harvesting
  • Indigenous Cultural Practices
    • Emphasis on reciprocity and respectful relationships with the earth
    • Rituals such as fasting, offerings, and spiritual connection
  • Commodification and Misappropriation
    • Concerns over sacred plant medicines being commodified
    • Importance of traditional initiations and proper practices
    • The dangers of recreational use without proper guidance
    • Adherence to indigenous practitioner wishes
  • Ceremony and Reciprocity
    • Knowledgeable Practitioners and Offerings
    • Importance of sitting in ceremony with experienced practitioners
    • Physical and spiritual offerings
    • Reciprocity and its significance
  • Aniwa Gathering
    • Focus on spiritual connection without entheogenic medicines
    • Use of natural herbs like cacao, tobacco, and sage
    • Raising funds for indigenous projects through the Huya Aniwa foundation
  • Peyote’s Spiritual Significance
    • Description of peyote and its roots in Mexico and Texas
    • Its role in connecting individuals to their true selves and ancestral memory
    • Importance of using peyote in the right ceremonial context
  • Indigenous wisdom on parenting 
    • Lack of initiation rituals in western societies
    • Approaches to avoid screen time and societal pressures
    • Emphasis on discipline with love and fostering unconditional love and respect
    • Traditional midwifery and keeping children close
    • Nurturing imagination and avoiding artificial toys
    • Faster brain development in indigenous children in nature
  • Challenges in City Environments
    • Pushback from society and finding natural stimuli
    • The impact of screens on children’s emotional balance and ability to be present
    • Concerns about excessive screen time
    • Conscious living as parents
  • Personal Growth and Spiritual Awakening
    • Vivien’s Story
    • Journey from party scene and drug use to spiritual awakening
    • Spiritual session leading to significant growth



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