Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy – w/ Dr. Scott Lyons – Episode # 60

Portrait of Dr Scott Lyons

Dr. Scott Lyons is a Clinical Psychologist, Osteopath, and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner. His list of qualifications is extensive, and he joined me to discuss the power of somatic work to heal trauma and reconnect people to their bodies. If you are curious about somatic therapy, this episode is a must-listen.

Most importantly we discuss Scott’s upcoming training for practitioners to learn about Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy.


In this episode we dig in to: 
  • Trauma work.
  • The definition of somatic therapy.
  • Embodiment: working with the body to heal trauma. 
  • Learning disabilities, and medication.
  • Dance as a form of medicine.
  • Scott’s journey to somatic therapy. 
  • The Wisdom of Trauma
  • How somatic therapy works and how it differs from other therapeutic practices.
  • The first universal languages: sensation and breath. 
  • The importance of touch, movement, and sound. 
  • Education systems that disconnect us from our bodies. 
  • Top/down vs. bottom/up healing approaches.
  • Childhood experiences impacting adulthood behavior. 
  • Building up “somatic resources”.
  • Diagnosed PTSD and the potential to heal.
  • Common somatic practices.
  • Conflict resolution. 
  • Ancestral medicine.
  • Trauma sensitive yoga
  • Childhood depression is linked to screen time. 
  • Human beings are nature.
  • The ticket to wellness is embodiment. 
  • How to find a somatic therapist.
  • Balancing fire with water.

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The Wisdom of Trauma