The Rising Man Movement – with Jeddy Azuma – Episode #37

Jeddy Azuma has been deeply involved with men’s work in California for over a decade. He is the founder of the Rising Man Movement – @risingmanmovement on Instagram- and his mission is to create a generation of initiated men.

Jeddy is deeply passionate about helping men find themselves, find their way, and find each other – using nature, ritual, and connection circles.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Initiation in to manhood, for men.

  • Call The Warrior – Jeddy’s Haka workshop led by Leon Ruri.

  • The definition of Haka.

  • Why men are afraid to express themselves.

  • “Toxic Masculinity” and the difference between men and masculinity.

  • The core difference between The Boy and The Man.

  • The Initiation Ceremonies Jeddy takes men through.

  • The power of fasting in creating an altered state of consciousness.

  • The initiation process: a circle of support to examine what’s so in your life, a declaration of where you can serve your community, and a community to receive you on the other side.

  • Spiritual tourism and the need to carry all medicines with a connection to their lineage.

  • Initiation weekends for young men in California – YMUW and The Legacy Weekend.

  • Fatherlessness and the missing piece for young men.

  • Whose job it is to initiate young men.

  • Safety For Women – One of Jeddy’s Passions.

  • The key to the world’s problems: Freedom for men to express, and safety for women.

  • A man’s eternal task of helping the women in his life feel safe.

You can find Jeddy’s podcast on The Rising Man Podcast.
Instagram – @JeddyAzuma and @RisingManMovement