Breaking Through Your Limitations – with John Wang – Episode #75

John Wang portrait for Evolving man

John Wang is a speaker, writer, and founder of the Big Asian Energy show. He studies the communication and people skills of Asian American leaders and entrepreneurs, and uses evidence-backed studies to help them master performance and communication, so they can be better recognized for their brilliance and hard work. His videos on mindset and communication have over 25 million views on Tiktok.


In this episode we dive into:


  • – Becoming a man of action.
  • – Wing walking on airplanes.
  • – The gift of death.
  • – Collectivist vs. individualist culture.
  • – The script of being a good son vs. a good man.
  • – Unwinding parenting patterns in one’s own life.
  • – Dysfunctional and secure attachment between parents and children. 
  • – Healing wounds with parents.
  • – 6 archetypal patterns of unintegrated men.
  • – Learning to parent yourself. 
  • – Getting the love we want
  • – Blaming vs. evolving in relationships.
  • – The ACE method.
  • – Self-acceptance and attunement.
  • – Struggles of Asian-American men & women in the working world.
  • – “The Bamboo Ceiling”.
  • – How to cultivate empathy.
  • – The 4 things that give us all happiness.
  • – John’s experiment practicing kindness and what he learned.
  • – The Vagus Nerve.
  • – The Big Asian Energy course.


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