From The Core – A Guide To Masculine Leadership with John Wineland – Episode #69

John Wineland on the Evolving Man Podcast

John Wineland is a leader in men’s embodiment, leadership, and the energetics of relationship. He is the author of the forthcoming book From The Core: A New Masculine Paradigm For Leading With Love, Living Your Truth, & Healing The World.

John joined me to talk about relationships, men’s work, and the transformational power of men’s groups.


In this episode we discuss:


  • -The Masculine and Feminine cores. 
  • -Men’s Work and the value of men’s groups.
  • -What does masculine leadership look like in a time of shared leadership between men and women?
  • -The importance of men cultivating sensitivity. 
  • -John’s mission in the world and how he got into men’s work. 
  • -Consciousness, embodiment, and spiritual intimacy.
  • -Turning your wound into a gift.
  • -Father wounds. 
  • -Integrating David Deida’s work.
  • -Stillness vs. Energy.
  • -Staying grounded, aware, and in equanimity. 
  • -Wim Hof breathwork. 
  • -Nervous system training.
  • -How modern men can lead in a relationship with a powerful partner. 
  • -Understanding your relationship to your breath.
  • -Infinite practices for increasing sensitivity. 
  • -Your heart is a sonar device.
  • -Taking a numbness inventory. 
  • -Dopamine addictions.
  • -Understanding feminine and masculine essences in ourselves and in relationship.
  • -The power of picturing your dream life.
  • -No More Mr. Nice Guy – Robert Glover. 
  • -Two kinds of romantic relationship: Power grid vs. Battery. 
  • -The Depth Council – John’s Men’s Group.