Longevity And Thriving As You Age – with Dr. Anthony Balduzzi – Episode 82

Anthony Balduzzi on Evolving Man

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and creator of the Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project. He lost his father at the age of 42, which led him to dedicate his life to helping people live healthy and happy well into their old age.


Anthony is a former national champion bodybuilder, nutritionist, and all around great example of all-around health. He joins me to talk about the practical steps each of us can take to insure a long and healthy life.


In this episode we dive into:

  • How to take care of yourself to age gracefully.
  • Adapting your exercise routine as you get older, especially 40+.
  • Exercising based on your nervous system state.
  • Maintaining strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and mobility as you age.
  • The importance of eating well.
  • Nutrition is the baseline of health that can be maintained.
  • Proper rehydration methods. 
  • Foods to eat at different times throughout the day to maximize your body’s energy.
  • Greens powder. 
  • The addiction to sugary drinks. 
  • Anthony’s and Ben’s personal diet journeys.
  • Paying attention to how different foods and drinks impact your body.
  • Circadian rhythms. 
  • Comparing blue light, red light, UV light, infrared light, and red light machines.
  • Entraining to the spectrum of light that is relevant to that time of day. 
  • How to supplement harsh winters with little sunlight.
  • Flowing with the seasons with your routines.
  • Vitamin D and K2 supplements.
  • What supplements to take when you’re getting sick.
  • Immortality…
  • How longevity is a byproduct of our lifestyle. 


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