Create The Life You Want – with Nick Solaczek – Episode #39

Nick Solaczek is a coach for Create The Love, a group facilitator, and a public speaker. He is a director and facilitator for The Samurai Brotherhood men’s community in Vancouver, BC.

Nick was on the show two years ago, and since then he has stepped deeply into his purpose of helping others through coaching, leadership, and mentorship. On this first episode of 2020, we talk about the process of choosing the right goals in your life and how to move past the resistance we all have to stepping in to most fulfilling pursuits.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • Running a marathon

  • The process of setting goals, and knowing how to set the right goals.

  • Finding your way towards your purpose in your 20’s.

  • The quarterly goal process Nick does with his men’s groups.

  • Getting distracted stuck in the details, and losing track of the big things that matter.

  • Using substances like Cannabis to be creative.

  • Resistance and procrastination. We resist the things that call to us the deepest.

  • Superficial goals versus goals of depth.

  • Personal growth work is really self-acceptance work.

  • Why Nick joined a men’s group.

  • The power of the men’s Warrior Weekend.

  • The rising tide of men’s work, the movement towards conscious warrior-hood.

  • The choice to model the Samurai Warriors and The Code Of The Conscious Warrior in The Arka Brotherhood (formerly The Samurai Brotherhood).


Nick is on Instagram @nicksolconsulting

To join an online Arka Brotherhood squad, go to

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