Pandemic Hysteria And Mass Psychosis – with Mark Groves – Episode 87

Mark Groves poses for his episode on the Evolving Man Podcast. on Pandemic Hysteria

Mark Groves believes in freedom of speech, thought, and is an advocate of personal sovereignty. During the recent pandemic, he began sharing what he was seeing in the people and institutions around him. His sharing on @itsmarkgroves and The Mark Groves Podcast was controversial, because any dissenting opinion (or simple questioning) at that time was censored and considered to be “unsafe”.

I personally appreciated the discourse that Mark was bringing, and I lacked the courage to be as bold as he was, despite agreeing with many of his questions. On this episode of the podcast, we discuss the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the hysteria that took over our society at that time.


In this episode, we dive into:


  • The exploitation of psychology and weaponization of belonging.
  • Normalizing controlling people’s bodily autonomy.
  • Censoring people, governments spreading misinformation, and the lack of critical thinking during the pandemic.
  • Language is the first step to dehumanizing people in an out-group.
  • Violating informed consent when getting vaccinated.
  • How do we prevent divisiveness in the future?
  • Healing begins with the acceptance of reality (that the unvaccinated were marginalized and demonized while being left out of society and losing their jobs, while the vaccine that was promised to end the pandemic didn’t, and Omicron did.)
  • Accountability without annihilation.
  • Learning to speak your truth despite the inconvenience.
  • Fighting for the freedom to disagree.


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