Parenthood, Relationship Struggles and Keeping the Spark Alive – with Sheleana Aiyana – Episode 83

Sheleana Aiyana on parenting and relationships

Sheleana Aiyana is an author, a poet, my wife and the mother of our child. She is author of the Canadian bestseller “Becoming The One” and the forthcoming journal under the same name, and the founder of Rising Woman where she brings tools for healing and transformation to millions of women.


She joins me on this episode for a candid conversation about our recent parenthood journey, the struggles we have had, and how we believe parents could be better supported (by their community, and themselves) to be the best parents they can be.


In this episode we dive into: 


  1. Why a shocking number of couples break up within the first year of having a child.
  2. The challenges that emerge once you become parents. 
  3. The transformation of a relationship after the arrival of a child. 
  4. Addressing the common phrase, “Being a parent is the hardest thing in the world.” 
  5. 50/50 parenting and the shifting roles and responsibilities as co-parents. 
  6. The normalcy of changes in intimacy and sex life after having a baby.
  7. Accessing and integrating relationship tools from the experts.
  8. Taking time to master your romantic and sexual relationship. 
  9. The goal of relationship work is not perfection. 
  10. Minimizers VS Maximizers
  11. Gender-specific support in navigating parenthood and relationships.
  12. Men’s biggest struggle when the responsibilities of marriage and family weigh him down.
  13. The feeling of being “touched out” as a mother.
  14. The resurgence of old family dynamics when building a family.
  15. Ben & Sheleana’s personal parenthood struggles and steps to overcome the challenges.
  16. Negativity in relationships – The tendency to focus on negativity for survival and the power of conscious choice. 
  17. How we co-create our problems in relationship.
  18. Doing vs. being.
  19. Navigating conflicts as a team. 
  20. Gratitude practices to check in with your partner. 
  21. Calling in your partner’s true essence.
  22. How to be your own healer.



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