Reclaiming Your Focus and Finding Peaceful Productivity – with Jordan Gray – Evolving Man Episode 89

Jordan Gray poses like a boss

Jordan Gray is a relationship coach who has written hundreds of articles that have been read by over 250 million people worldwide. He has worked with tens of thousands of clients via his programs, groups, and 1-on-1 coaching. 

He joins me on this episode to talk about how to get the most out of life as the challenges land on our doorstep. 


In this episode we discuss:


– Moving from bachelor to committed relationship

– Marriage has actually been great

– Dating takes a lot of energy!

– Finding someone who’s also a giver

– Each relationship is different, so relationship advice can’t be universal

– Look for a counterpoint to where you and your partner tend to go too far, for example with too much or too little structure.

– Fears of going into marriage: what if things get worse and worse and I’m stuck?

– The practice of addressing troubles in the relationship rather than just enduring them.

– Phases of life: dating and deeper relationships. 

– Thresholds of deepening into a relationship.

– Preparing for parenthood.

– The benefits of becoming a generalist, of getting off the computer and chopping wood.

– City life vs. country life

– Giving up financial opportunities for the sake of heart and happiness.

– Relationship with money: between the poles of demonizing it and making it one’s god

– The importance of choosing friends who support your objectives.

– Solo therapy compared to group therapy. 

– In parenting, offering children both safety and adventurous risk.

– How it can help children to see their parents work responsibly.

– How being a parent can limit available work time, but make it more potent.

– Screen addiction and parenthood. 

– Countering screen addiction with finding a deeper purpose.

– Limiting EMF exposure.

Links from this episode:


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