Plant Medicines & Ayahuasca – with Maestro Hamilton Souther – Episode #29

Hamilton Souther is a traditionally trained Ayahuasca and Tobacco Shaman who was born and raised in the United States. While completing his education in anthropology, he began having dreams and visions that lead him to the jungle of Peru. Through a series of unlikely events, he was welcomed in by two local shamans and received formal training in plant medicine work over the next 10 years.

Hamilton now operates a retreat centre in Peru called Blue Morpho that offers healing retreats. In is episode we explore Hamilton’s wild story and unpack the details of how plant medicines heal ailments like trauma, addiction, and other issues.

Hamilton shares some extraordinary jungle stories with us, including what lead him down his path to becoming a Shaman. We also talk candidly about “master plants”, “plant dieta”, and even the Cannabis plant and its role as a master plant.

Connect with Hamilton:
Blue Morpho Retreat Centre
The Modern Shamanism course

In this episode we cover the following subjects:

  • Hamilton’s personal story of spontaneous visions which lead him to the jungle, and in to “shaman training”.

  • What an ayahuasca experience looks and feels like.

  • “Plant Dieta” – what is it and what are the protocols.

  • How plants can download “tree knowledge” in to a human.

  • The question of “plant jealousy” in the jungle.

  • Medicine Spirits or Head Master Spirits in plants.

  • Dieting multiple plants in a dieta. Hamilton dieted with 28 plants at the same time. (this is very wild in the shaman world).

  • Shaman wars in Peru.

  • Charlatanism and false healers in the Ayahuasca tourism world.

  • The Cannabis plant and how Hamilton met this spirit and learned to work with it.

  • The difference between engaging a lack of respect, versus engaging it with reverence – determines the outcome.

  • How asthma can be cured with Tobacco.

  • The reason why Hamilton chose to evolve the teachings and forge a new path in Shamanism.

  • How you can affect humanity’s evolution in consciousness.

  • Blue Morpho Retreat Centre – what they do.

  • Huachuma visionary medicine.

  • Blue Morpho’s scientific projects.

  • Hamilton’s Cryptocurrency pursuits. (this is not a type-o. Hamilton truly is a renaissance man).

  • The Blue Morpho Podcast.

  • The Modern Shamanism course.

Hamilton with his Maestro teacher in Peru

Hamilton with his Maestro teacher in Peru

If you liked this episode, watch out for Hamilton’s podcast coming out soon, called The Blue Morpho Podcast.

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