Purpose, Alignment, and Doing Work You Love – with Amrit Sandhu – Episode #78 Evolving Man Podcast

Amrit Sandhu on the Evolving Man Podcast

Amrit Sandhu coaches people to make big changes in their lives and move beyond their limitations. He is the host of The Inspired Evolution podcast, and he joined me to discuss the dilemma of making a change from lucrative yet unfulfilling career to one filled with purpose and fulfillment.



In this episode we dive into:


  • -Consciously changing careers.
  • -What needs to be in place to create deep & lasting change.
  • -How to assess your core values.
  • -Consciously aligning your life around a self-created mission statement. 
  • -The similarities between being an engineer and a life coach.
  • -The social construction of “success.” 
  • -Being an introvert vs. an extrovert and a task person vs. a people person. 
  • -Feeling stuck in your career. 
  • -Attaching self worth to what you do (masculine) vs. who you are (feminine).
  • -Stress is your greatest ally.
  • -Being overwhelmed by opportunity.
  • -Giving yourself time and space to pivot, integrate change, and transform. 
  • -When self-help can get toxic.
  • -The opposite of depression is expression.
  • -Being energized by work.
  • Inspiration vs. jealousy.
  • -The abundance of opportunities that are present when you’re in alignment.
  • The awareness is the shift.
  • -Acknowledging nuance in light and dark thoughts. 
  • -Amrit’s principles in encouraging people to make personal changes.
  • -Our biggest challenge is our greatest gift.
  • -Mapping out the vision for your dream life. 
  • -The world around you is consistently programming you against your innate self.
  • -Learning to parent a boy throughout different developmental milestones.
  • -Cultivating community.
  • Reprogramming who you were for who you want to become.
  • -Gratitude opens a door for self love. 
  • -Creating your own archetypes.   





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