Relationships 101 – with Nick Solaczek – Episode #71

Ben Goresky and Nick Solaczek stand together

Nick Solaczek, an IMAGO relationship coach who teaches couples about the hidden realities of romantic relating. He helps couples understand one another, improve their communication, and thrive in their relationships. 


Nick and I have been sitting in men’s circles, going to workshops, and learning about conscious relationship work for a few years now, and we drop in on this episode to share with men about the successes we have found.


In this episode we discuss:


  • The Conscious Relationship Council – a men’s group focussed on learning about romantic relationships.
  • – How men can make a long-term relationship happen. 
  • – Relationship as an enlightening experience. 
  • – The difference between what the current generation wants in relationship, versus the generation that came before us.
  • – Conflict as a growth opportunity to deepen intimacy in relationships. 
  • – What does masculine leadership look like?
  • – Relationship as a mirror for childhood experiences. 
  • – Familiar energy signatures trigger us into unconscious responses.
  • – Attachment theory. 
  • – Normalizing the conscious relationship conversation. 
  • – The paradoxes of romantic relationships. 
  • – Navigating feelings of shame. 
  • – Imago relationship theory and dialogue techniques. 
  • – The 4 stages of relationship. 
  • – AFGO: Another Fucking Growth Opportunity. 
  • – Discovering your personal relationship issue and how it ties back to your childhood.  
  • – What do recurring conflicts and frustrations in relationship represent? 
  • – Minimizer vs. maximizer in conflict. 
  • – Your relationships becoming your nightmare. 
  • – Showing up authentically with boundaries and consent. 
  • – Discovering your “relationship wants” and identifying how to lean into them. 
  • – The value of men’s groups for inner-work and navigating romantic relationships.

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