Recovering Nice Guys And The Power Of the Squad – with Dr. Robert Glover – Episode #50

Best-selling author Robert Glover joins me on the podcast for a candid conversation about Nice Guys, relationships, and men’s work.

Robert didn’t start out his career as a therapist planning on getting into men’s work. After receiving his doctorate and working as a marriage and family therapist, Robert started noticing common patterns in the men he was seeing. Many of them were the same patterns he saw in his own life. So he dove into men’s work,  and wrote “No More Mr. Nice Guy – A Proven Plan For Getting What You Want In Love, Sex, and Life.

Robert has been on this journey for over 25 years – helping other men break free of the Nice Guy Syndrome, and always evolving his own personal tool kit.

In this episode, we discuss nice guys, “men’s tribes”, mothers, subconscious programming, shifting mindsets in relationships, embodiment work, men’s safe spaces, purpose, and so much more.

We dug into the following in detail:

  • How Robert got into men’s work.

  • The paradox of “nice guys.”

  • Do women like Nice Guys?

  • Differentiating from family members, especially mothers.

  • Macho Jerks and Caring Wimps.

  • Breaking free from the “nice guy syndrome.”

  • What it means to be a differentiated man.

  • How mothers can impact their son’s lives and future relationships.

  • Subconscious programming in relationships.

  • Co-creating familiarity in relationship.

  • Viewing relationships as an opportunity to work on patterns vs. a difficult burden.

  • The ticket to a successful long-term relationship.

  • The importance of having same sex friends.

  • “Men’s Only” spaces” – The power of strong masculine relationships.

  • Different opportunities to connect deeper with other men.

  • The growth of the worldwide men’s movement.

  • Embodiment work.

  • The push needed to get into men’s work.

  • The connection between childhood wounds and relationship patterns.

  • Robert’s top book picks for men’s work and self-healing.

  • What men need most in 2020 – honesty, purpose, passion.

  • “Playing games” in relationships.

  • Robert’s books (No More Mr. Nice Guy! And Dating Essentials for Men).

  • Ben’s “human contract” in this world (AKA purpose).

  • How to bring these ideals back to younger boys.

  • The changing adolescent education system.

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