The Roots Of Addiction, And How To Heal – with Dr. Scott Lyons – Episode 84

Scott Lyons on Evolving Man podcast

Dr. Scott Lyons is the author of the book “Addicted to Drama: Healing Dependency on Crisis and Chaos in Yourself and Others”. He joins me for a discussion about all addictions – from alcohol to sex to food, and of course drama – and how they are formed. We also talk about how to heal from addiction by addressing the root.

In this episode we dive into:

  • The origins of addiction and how to define it (Disease or no disease?) 
  • Medical model vs. Humanistic model view of addiction.
  • The opposite of addiction is connection to self and others.
  • Finding comfort in filling voids and dissociation.
  • The deadliness of loneliness. 
  • Why do we experience traumas differently?
  • The defense mechanism of denial.
  • The link between addiction and a fear of intimacy.
  • What addicted to drama looks like? 
  • Attachment to unnecessary turmoil and nervous system activation.
  • Making sense vs. making sensation.
  • How are you unconsciously creating childhood patterns in your adult life?
  • Exaggerated responses vs. an inner sense of normalcy.
  • Assessing currencies of love from childhood.
  • The separation of process addictions and the necessities of being human.
  • Disrupting your inner peace with the “revving reflex”.
  • What does it look like to recover from addiction and heal?
  • Building tolerance for ease and connection.
  • Creating a narrative around withdrawal symptoms.
  • Trauma lives in your nervous system and is a felt experience. 
  • MDMA therapy and trauma.
  • Is it possible to escape drama in the capitalist world we live in?
  • How do you support someone who is addicted to drama?
  • Mirror neuron responses.
  • Taking responsibility for the role you play in relationships.