Men’s Role In The Birth Process – with Ryan Pope – Episode #73

Ryan Pope on Evolving Man

Ryan Pope is a chiropractor, men’s coach, and founder of Powerhouse Mind Body Chiro located on the Gold Coast in Australia. His latest venture Becoming The Mountain is focussed on mentoring men and preparing them physically, mentally, and emotionally for the rite of passage into fatherhood.

Ryan is also co-facilitator at Alchemy, a multi-modality healing and transformational retreat for men and women.

I asked Ryan to share his wisdom with me to help me prepare for my own initiation into fatherhood.


In this episode we discuss:


  • * Preparation for fatherhood.
  • * Holistic healing and vitalism.
  • * Ryan’s journey to help men prepare for the birthing process.
  • * What kind of man do you want to be throughout the process of fatherhood?
  • * Normalizing mayhem in our body and mind during big transitions.
  • * Grief upon entering into parenthood.
  • * Embracing acceptance vs. embody resistance.
  • * The importance of having good men supporting you.
  • * Unplanned pregnancies. 
  • * Outcome oriented thinking vs. process focused thinking.
  • * The infinite intelligence of our bodies and The Universe.
  • * Challenging and navigating the “what if’s.”
  • * Birthing processes within the healthcare system vs. holistically. 
  • * Trauma during birth. 
  • * Creating intentions around a plan. 
  • * Divine femininity and surrendering. 
  • * Looking at the patterns that are mirrored from our parents. 
  • * Safety and trust in partnership during pregnancy. 
  • * Stepping up for your partner as a practice for fatherhood. 
  • * Cleaning out what’s taking up space in life to create more room for what you want.
  • * Navigating the unknowns of fatherhood. 
  • * The depth of presence and awareness.
  • * Trusting the inner wisdom of your partner. 
  • * The masculine structure around the birthing process.
  • * Toning. 
  • * Setting boundaries around family and friends.
  • * The importance of postpartum regeneration practices. 

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