Men’s Shadow Work – with Phil Teertha Mistlberger – Episode #25

One of my favorite mentors, Phil Teertha Mistlberger joins me on the show to illuminate and discuss “the dark side of the masculine”.

In a time where “Toxic Masculinity” is a common concept – and the outright rejection of that term being equally as prevalent – we need to have a productive conversation that helps us find our way to the other side.

Phil guides us in the direction of seeing the polarities of life and how we can use them to become fully integrated human beings. For men who want to learn about how to engage shadow work, this episode is for you.

On this episode, we cover:

  • Toxic Masculinity

  • Wounding – the unmentored young man

  • The story of Saturn – the tyrannical male

  • Why men fear success

  • Unhealthy competition between men: How boys are often raised competing with each other for approval and attention

  • The father vacuum – when a boy doesn’t have enough contact with the father

  • A man’s resistance to power and success

  • How unhealed relationships with power figures in your life holds you back

  • Why men get stuck when they are full of talent

  • How to focus your attention to to counteract 21st Century Distracted Man Syndrome

  • The extremes of competitiveness: extreme competitiveness, and denying it alltogether

  • Shadow aspects VS the dark masculine forces

  • Vanity and Pride as the two pillars of the ego

  • Donald Trump – a poster boy for the dark father guru archetype; intolerance of criticism

  • How your ego can co-opt your “personal growth” work, and use it against the world

  • The key to discovering your shadow without being fooled by it –> Being witnessed by other men.

  • How to break through your ego in a support group by seeking to give rather than receive.

  • Why you need other people to do good shadow work

  • 2 functions of a men’s group: support, and leadership training

  • Revealing the King inside you – learning what you have to give

  • Why it is easier to receive feedback from a peer group than it is to receive feedback from your romantic partner.

  • Why some guys trigger you more than others

  • How to do shadow work on your own – be accountable for the people and the patterns that are in your life. The contrasts are there because you crave them.

  • Befriending your shadow

  • The dark side of the hero archetype

  • Why engage in your inner work if your romantic partner isn’t interested in it?

Teertha’s Books

The Inner Light

A Rude Awakening – Perils, pitfalls, and hard truths of the spiritual path. 

The Three Dangerous Magi

The Way of the Conscious Warrior, out early 2019

Phil Teertha Mistlberger Shadow Work

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Samurai Brotherhood

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