Healing With Shipibo Plant Medicine – with Becky Griffin – Evolving Man Podcast Episode #81

Beccy Griffin on Master Plants - Shipibo

Becky Griffin is a co-founder of Caya Shobo, an Ayahuasca and plant medicine healing center in Peru. She has been immersed in a path of self-discovery and learning with the Shipibo plant medicine tradition since 2008, and she joins me to talk about her extensive experience dieting various Master plants under the guidance of high-level Shipibo maestro and maestra Onányas.


Becky is a facilitator and healer for people seeking healing and growth from plant medicines like Ayahuasca and master plant diets. She has served as an apprentice curandera of the Shipibo tradition since 2012 and currently holds small ceremonial gatherings for experienced dieters.



On this episode we talk about:


  • Ayahuasca shamanism.
  • Becky & Ben’s personal exploration with plant medicine.
  • The wisdom of Ayahuasca: shifting between light and dark energy.
  • Mind-centered talk therapy vs. body & spirit-centered plant medicine.
  • Addressing physical ailments with plant medicine.
  • Reconnecting with the spirit of nature.
  • What is a “plant dieta” and how does it work?
  • The synchronicities between nature and humans.
  • How to establish a relationship with the consciousness of plants.
  • Ayahuasca is a diagnostic tool.
  • The benefits of going to Peru for plant medicine treatment.
  • Healing at the cellular level with plant medicine.
  • How long does it take to heal with plant medicine?
  • The false light of Ayahuasca and other plants.
  • The pitfalls of exploring plant medicine with inexperienced healers.
  • The downfalls of placing spiritual teachers on pedestals.
  • Be your own teacher – becoming responsible for your own healing path.
  • Integrating all parts of yourself – mental, spiritual, light, shadow.
  • The light and dark sides of cannabis and tobacco.
  • Healing vs. coping.
  • Becky’s favorite Master Plants.
  • An opportunity to travel to Peru with Ben for a retreat.


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And finally, a message from Becky:


“I believe that at this time we are all being called to embark on a process of transformation, to heal the wounds and confusions of the past, and to start to realize our potential to live in genuine joy and balance. We each must find our own true self beneath the markings of trauma and conditioning that we carry and discover and integrate the ‘medicine’ within those challenges.


The Shipibo medicine tradition and the master healing plants are living wonders from an ancient world. My own search for healing and greater meaning in life has brought me to this sacred path. And through supporting many others on a similar journey, I have seen that it is possible to slowly but surely nurture a deep connection with the master teacher plants and their songs, and thereby foster a greater harmony and understanding within, while restoring our rightful relationships with all of life.


It is my honour to assist and support others on this blessed journey of discovery.”


~ Becky


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