Todd Youngs stands in front of his Ayahuasca mural
Ayahuasca Assisted Addiction Recovery – with Todd Youngs – Episode...

Todd Youngs has been in continuous recovery from severe addiction and alcoholism since 2009. His personal path to recovery involved a combination of 12 step work, and his work with Ayahuasca. Todd now works intensively with others to help them achieve a life of satisfying and meaningful sobriety. His approach is eclectic and holistic drawing […]

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Scott Lyons on Evolving Man podcast
The Roots Of Addiction, And How To Heal – with...

Dr. Scott Lyons is the author of the book “Addicted to Drama: Healing Dependency on Crisis and Chaos in Yourself and Others”. He joins me for a discussion about all addictions – from alcohol to sex to food, and of course drama – and how they are formed. We also talk about how to heal […]

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Ben Goresky
Twelve Step Programs Explained – with Ben Goresky – Episode...

Twelve Step programs have helped millions of people recover from addictions over the past 85+ years. In this episode we talk about why they work, the myths and the criticisms, and we make an attempt at a balanced look at the pros and cons of these programs.   This is a solo episode with Ben […]

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Adam Hart on Evolving Man
ADHD and Nervous System Optimization – with Adam Hart –...

Adam Hart is an International Speaker & best selling author whose mission is to help busy parents transform their quality of life and develop deeply connected relationships with their partners and children.   Focusing on nervous system regulation, energetic attraction and natural holistic wellness practices, Adam leads his clients to living at their best.   […]

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The Shadow Of The Father – with Connor Beaton –...

Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, a platform that guides men to better themselves through deep work, inspiring conversations, and connection to other men on the path. He is a father, a coach, and he is releasing his new book: Men’s Work – A Practical Guide To Face Your Darkness, End Self-Sabotage, And Find […]

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Amir Khalighi headshot on Evolving Man
Men’s Embodiment – with Amir Khalighi – Evolving Man Episode...

Amir Khalighi is the founder and lead facilitator for The Embodied Masculine, a training ground for men that empowers men to connect to their bodies, their purpose, and to nature. Amir runs immersion retreats and weekly embodiment circles that integrate his 5 pillars to facilitate powerful transformations in his students. Amir joined me to talk […]

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12 Step Addiction Recovery Meets The Psychedelic Renaissance – w/...

Jessica Cadoch is a researcher whose masters’ thesis focussed on building a bridge between the well established 12 step recovery approach for addiction recovery, and the emerging movement of psychedelic assisted therapy for trauma. Since addiction is often rooted in trauma, her question is an important one: “How can addicted people in abstinence-based recovery benefit […]

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DOSED 2 – The End Of The Drug War –...

<h3><strong>Tyler Chandler and Nick Meyers the crew from the DOSED documentary - are back to dig even deeper into the healing powers of psychedelics and discuss how the psychedelic revolution is making its way into government policies. We also talk about DOSED 2, their next project.</strong></h3>

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Dosed: From Addiction To Freedom – Episode #44

<h3>Tyler Chandler and Nicholas Meyers had a friend who was deep in the throws of opioid addiction. They wanted to help, so they went looking for solutions and grabbed their camera. Research led them to psilocybin mushrooms, and the result was a documentary film called Dosed.</h3>

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Addiction: Everything You Need To Know – with Chris Bevacqua...

<h3>Chris Bevacqua joins me for an informative discussion about the basics of addiction, dependencies, and recovery. We bust myths and shed light on how addicts find recovery. We also talk about how important nutrition and exercise are in the process of healing all mental illnesses, including addiction.</h3>

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