Manesh Girn smiles for his podcast appearance on Evolving Man
The Science Of Healing With Psychedelics – with Manesh Girn...

Dr. Manesh Girn is a postdoctoral neuroscientist and popular science content creator specializing in the neuroscience of psychedelic drugs. He currently works at the University of California, San Francisco, alongside psychedelic research pioneer Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, where he conducts research on the neural mechanisms underlying the psychedelic experience and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. In addition to his […]

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Adam Jackson of Sacred Sons stands facing the camera, stoic and grounded.
Brotherhood Is The Medicine – w/ Adam Jackson – Episode...

Adam Jackson is the co-founder of The Sacred Sons, a mens’ community devoted to masculine alchemy. He joined me to talk about the unique way that his community is helping men connect to each other, and find conscious healing. In this episode we discuss: The history and mission of Sacred Sons. Masculine Alchemy. Diversity in […]

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Create The Life You Want – with Nick Solaczek –...

Nick Solaczek is a coach for Create The Love, a group facilitator, and a public speaker. He is a director and facilitator for The Samurai Brotherhood men's community in Vancouver, BC.

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The Way Of The Conscious Warrior – with P. T....

P.T. Mistlberger, author of ‘The Way Of The Conscious Warrior - A Handbook For 21st Century Men’ joins me on the show to discuss the issues men face today and the solutions he has proposed in his book. Phil teaches that in this time of rapid change, there has been a loss of the warrior ethos. In his book, he points to a much needed revival of some of the admirable qualities of the warrior archetype: grit, discipline, fire, embodiment, and "necessary battle".

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