Todd Youngs stands in front of his Ayahuasca mural
Ayahuasca Assisted Addiction Recovery – with Todd Youngs – Episode...

Todd Youngs has been in continuous recovery from severe addiction and alcoholism since 2009. His personal path to recovery involved a combination of 12 step work, and his work with Ayahuasca. Todd now works intensively with others to help them achieve a life of satisfying and meaningful sobriety. His approach is eclectic and holistic drawing […]

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Beccy Griffin on Master Plants - Shipibo
Healing With Shipibo Plant Medicine – with Becky Griffin –...

Becky Griffin is a co-founder of Caya Shobo, an Ayahuasca and plant medicine healing center in Peru. She has been immersed in a path of self-discovery and learning with the Shipibo plant medicine tradition since 2008, and she joins me to talk about her extensive experience dieting various Master plants under the guidance of high-level […]

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Alex Olshonsky sits on a couch before his interview on The Evolving Man Podcast
Deep Fix – Addiction In Silicon Valley, Recovery, and Plant...

Alex Olshonsky, aka “Olo,” is a writer and the founder of Deep Fix – a newsletter, somatic coaching practice, and fast-growing digital community. He is also the co-founder of Natura Care Programs, an interdisciplinary entheogenic program combating addiction. Alex is a former Silicon Valley executive at companies like Twitter, Salesforce, Copper, Slack, and VentureBeat. He […]

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The Evolution Of Shamanism – with Hamilton Souther – Episode...

<h3>Maestro Hamilton Souther joins me again on the show to discuss how shamanism is evolving in these changing times. 2020 has brought many challenges to Ayahuasca tourism, and Hamilton’s team at Blue Morpho is rolling with the punches. On this episode we talk about the future of shamanism.</h3>

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Plant Medicines & Ayahuasca – with Maestro Hamilton Souther –...

Hamilton Souther, a traditionally trained Ayahuasca and Tobacco Shaman, joins me for a conversation about Plant Medicines and the evolution of Shamanism in the 21st century. We even discuss the Cannabis plant and some new insights around Cannabis. For psychedelic explorers (and those interested) this episode is for you. Buckle up for some wild stories.

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Healing with Ayahuasca and Plant Medicines – w/ Andy &...

Andy and Mike Zaremba hosted me at the Vancouver Real for a collaborative episode released on Evolving Man and Vancouver Real. I tell my personal story and talk about my past with addiction, and my long road of recovery.

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