Mark Groves poses for his episode on the Evolving Man Podcast. on Pandemic Hysteria
Pandemic Hysteria And Mass Psychosis – with Mark Groves –...

Mark Groves believes in freedom of speech, thought, and is an advocate of personal sovereignty. During the recent pandemic, he began sharing what he was seeing in the people and institutions around him. His sharing on @itsmarkgroves and The Mark Groves Podcast was controversial, because any dissenting opinion (or simple questioning) at that time was […]

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Following The Evidence and Living Smarter in the Covid-19 Era...

<h3>Shawn Stevenson is the author of Eat Smarter and Sleep Smarter. He is a passionate leader in the health space, and he joined me on the show to discuss health in a time where we are all being challenged. He points to the evidence that shows where we are steering right, and where we are steering wrong.</h3>

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