Anthony Balduzzi on Evolving Man
Longevity And Thriving As You Age – with Dr. Anthony...

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and creator of the Fit Father Project and Fit Mother Project. He lost his father at the age of 42, which led him to dedicate his life to helping people live healthy and happy well into their old age.   Anthony is a former national champion bodybuilder, […]

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Men’s Health, Hormones, and Longevity – w/ Dr. Anthony Balduzzi...

<h3><strong>Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, founder of the </strong><a href=""><strong>Fit Father Project</strong></a><strong> - a health and wellness company aimed at helping men (especially “older men”) lose weight, build muscle, and get their energy back. He joins me to discuss the fundamentals of living a long, strong, healthy life. We get in to hormones, diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, breath-work, and a ton more. This episode is packed with information. Grab a notebook!</strong></h3>

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