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Dosed: From Addiction To Freedom – Episode #44

<h3>Tyler Chandler and Nicholas Meyers had a friend who was deep in the throws of opioid addiction. They wanted to help, so they went looking for solutions and grabbed their camera. Research led them to psilocybin mushrooms, and the result was a documentary film called Dosed.</h3>

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Treatments for the Opioid Crisis – with Garyth Moxey –...

Everyone in North America knows someone who is addicted, or has died at from Opioid use. This is a problem of epidemic proportions, and there are few solutions. On this episode, I sit down with a man who has been treating Opiate addiction for years with a proven solution to Opiate detoxification. What we discuss on this episode will be a major part of the solution as the world wakes up to the power of plant medicines.

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Recover From Addiction & THRIVE – with Jordan Gray –...

Fellow Addictions Coach Jordan Gray joins me for a conversation about sex addiction and other "process addictions" that affect so many people. We bust some myths about what constitutes an addiction, and we reveal and summarize the pathway to recovery for all addictions.

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