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Isolation Equals Amplification – with Connor Beaton – Episode #43

<h3>Connor Beaton is the founder of Mantalks, a men's personal growth brand that is dedicated to creating better men. He joins to discuss what he's seeing in the world during the worldwide lockdown and this dramatic change in society. Stay tuned to the end of this episode to witness some man-to-man feedback, where Connor and I model a process called Active Constructive Appreciation.</h3><p class=""></p>

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Shadow Vows – Honouring The Messy Parts Of Relationship On...

<h3 style="white-space:pre-wrap;"><strong>I’ve been practicing conscious relationship work with my wife since the early days of our relationship, and it has made a world of difference in our abilities to move past barriers that once held us back. One of the main elements of this work has been Shadow Work, so we decided to incorporate that element in to our wedding by writing “Shadow Vows”.</strong></h3>

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Men’s Shadow Work – with Phil Teertha Mistlberger – Episode...

In a time where “Toxic Masculinity” is a common term, we need mentors to guide men in understanding how to proceed in a world amidst so much criticism. Phil Teertha Mistlberger provides some direction to guide men who want to engage “the dark side of the masculine” in their own lives, and see it more clearly in others.

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