Amir Khalighi headshot on Evolving Man
Men’s Embodiment – with Amir Khalighi – Evolving Man Episode...

Amir Khalighi is the founder and lead facilitator for The Embodied Masculine, a training ground for men that empowers men to connect to their bodies, their purpose, and to nature. Amir runs immersion retreats and weekly embodiment circles that integrate his 5 pillars to facilitate powerful transformations in his students. Amir joined me to talk […]

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Sheleana Aiyana poses for Evolving Man Podcast
Becoming The One – with Sheleana Aiyana of Rising Woman...

Sheleana Aiyana is the founder of Rising Woman, a growing community of more than 3 million readers. She is also my wife and life partner. Sheleana joins me on this episode to talk about the keys to successful romantic relationships and her recently released book Becoming The One: Heal Your Past, Transform Your Relationship Patterns, […]

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Relationship Tools from The Human Connection Specialist – w/ Mark...

"The success of your life is going to depend on how you navigate the relationships in your life". Mark Groves is a human connection specialist with bottomless relationship wisdom. We dig deep in to the value of communication, conflict, and consciousness in relationships.

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The Return Of The Elders – with Paul, Bo, and...

I sat down with 3 men spanning 2 generations who have chosen to live together in the same house, not out of convenience, but for the purpose of community building, and mentorship. Call it a “conscious community”. Tune in to find out why anyone would do such a thing.

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