A fuller life is calling on you… Are you willing to step up?

The Integrated Man:
The Integrated Man:
An initiation into Men's Work

Break The Chains Of Your Programming, Reclaim Your Full
Masculine Power, & Become The Man You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Break The Chains Of Your Programming, Reclaim Your Full Masculine Power, & Become The Man You’ve Always Wanted To Be

How Exactly Do You Change Your Unconscious Programming And Unlock Your Full Masculine Power? 

This 5-Week Self-Directed Course Is Your Doorway To Self-Discovery

Hey, I’m Ben, coach, podcast host, and men’s work facilitator.


My life’s work is supporting men to become strong, empowered versions of themselves. But like so many of my generation, I grew up not knowing what strong, mature masculinity really was.


I knew what it wasn’t… The overworking, career-above-all-else mentality. The unwillingness to feel. Unconscious sexuality. Destruction of the natural world. Domination of those less fortunate.


But I never had a role model of healthy, mature masculinity – that man who is in touch with all parts of himself… Who accepts his dark side, as much as his light… Can feel his emotions without losing control… Can be fully present and grounded in himself… And who leans into life and really shows up.


The end result? I lived my whole life stumbling around, trying to figure out my place in the world, trying on other people’s identities, and never really settling into my true self.

So many men I meet are in a similar place:

• They don’t know themselves

• They say Yes when they mean No

• Their relationships are flat or falling apart

• They people-please to keep the peace

• They betray their desires and don’t ask for what they want

• They don’t know how to feel their emotions, their heart, or their balls…

I did a lot of personal growth work in my 20s… Went to seminars, had mentors, and dug deep. But I  had never learned about the type of work that men do only in closed, confidential groups. 


Then I met a man who ran a local men’s group, and it ignited something deep inside…

At Age 30, I Dipped My Toe Into Men’s Work…
Igniting A Hunger Impossible to Ignore

I remember my first men’s circle. In those first few minutes, I looked around and I remember feeling butterflies in my gut. 


We did a staring exercise, where you stand in front of different men and make eye contact in silence. I was so uncomfortable! I hadn’t looked into another man’s eyes before. And I couldn’t get through it without laughing nervously or losing my center, which shows you how ungrounded I really was. 


Afterwards, I realized something big. Not only did it shake me out of my haze… I knew right away THIS is what had been missing my whole life. But it wasn’t just men showing up, being fully present, in support of each other. 


The men’s group had ignited my fire for exploring my own masculinity… But even that wasn’t the whole picture… 


It was the inner journey of Men’s Work that changed me forever…

Why is Men’s Work So Powerful?

Men’s Work is all about developing a healthy inner masculine core.


In ancient tribal cultures, this used to happen through rites of passage, initiation ceremonies, and guidance from elders. Men don’t have access to that today. 


Instead, we’re in a catch 22. We’re given conflicting messages about masculinity – that it’s toxic, or, sometimes, that it doesn’t even exist… And those forces affect how we develop. 

While at the same time, we’re being called upon to show up in bigger ways at home and at work, to set an example for younger men, and to correct the injustices of past men.

Lots of “personal growth” courses out there tell you to change your thoughts, change your habits, change who you are. This is the opposite. 


Men’s Work is about reaching back to the ancient roots of your own masculinity…. 


Understanding what made you who you are… 


Deprogramming what society says about being a man… 


And reclaiming all the parts of you that have been rejected, shamed, or simply hidden… 


When you reach down into your shadow and bring back parts of yourself that were locked away, you can bring them back, so they’re under your control. 


You can re-integrate them and become more whole – more YOU.  That’s Men’s Work.

“How do I start Men’s Work?”

As a men’s coach, I am a big advocate for every man doing some version of men’s work.

Naturally, men ask me all the time, “Where do I start?

My answer has been “find a men’s group”… or “find a workshop”… or “hire a coach”. 


But the reality was, there were no good introductions to men’s work that I felt okay about recommending. 


That’s why I took matters into my own hands and created a program for men that I wish I had so many years ago. 


This new program is an introduction to men’s work, and it’s designed to make men’s work accessible like never before. It’s self-directed, so you can take it on your time. And it’s packed with learning material, along with written exercises to make it all stick.


 In this program, you will… 

Introducing My New Program For Men…


The Integrated Man: An Initiation Into Men’s Work


The Self-Directed Program of Self-Discovery, Reclaiming Your Masculine Power, and Becoming The Mature Man You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Inside the course, you’ll experience the range of what men’s work has to offer – in your home and on your own time:

Module 1 – Understanding What Integrated
Masculinity Actually Is (And What It Isn’t)

Lesson 1: Finding Polarities and Playing With Your Unique Masculine Expression (34:04)


Lesson 2: Light-Dark Masculine Ownership – Guided Exercise (15:25)


Lesson 3: Strengthening Your Masculine Core (24:48)


Lesson 4: The Eastern Origins of Masculine and Feminine (8:47)


Lesson 5: Wim Hof-Inspired Breathwork Session To Start Off Your Day (18:44)

Module 2 – Your First Relationship – The Mother-Son Relationship And What It Means As An Adult Man

Lesson 1: The Unconscious Ways Your Original Mother-Son Relationship Affects How You See And Treat All Women Today (22:15)


Lesson 2: “Why The F*** Can’t I Do Relationships?” (20:41)


Lesson 3: The “Own–Claim–Act” Guided Exercise  (16:18)


Lesson 4: Why Are There So Many Nice Guys? (8:17)

Lesson 5: Resources To Dig Deeper Into Understanding The Mother Wound (8:34)

Module 3 – The Doorway To Conscious Relationships For Men (Even If You’re Single)

Lesson 1: Deprogramming The Baggage You’ve Been Carrying Since Childhood So You Can Bring Consciousness To All Your Adult Relationships (31:09)


Lesson 2: The 9 Self-Sabotaging Relationship Myths We Begin Learning As Kids – And How To Finally Let Go Of Each One (25:24)


Lesson 3: Understanding Attachment Styles And The Cat-Mouse Game of Relationships (15:11)


Lesson 4: 3 Stages of Consciousness In Relationship That Describe Your Path From Animalistic, Selfish, and Destructive to Integrated, Fully Accepting, and Playful (12:37)


Lesson 5: How To Be In Relationship Without Baggage from The Past – Resources for Conscious Relationship Resources (11:30)

Lesson 6: “P-C-P Muscle” Embodiment Exercise To Nurture Your Masculine Core (12:09)

Module 4 – Healing The Father Wound

Lesson 1: What Is Your Relationship With Your Father? And How Does It Continue To Shape You Today? (15:00)


Lesson 2: Modeling or Opposing – Unraveling The Behaviors You Learned from Your Father (20:29)


Lesson 3: The Work Of Healing The Father Wound (18:38)

Lesson 4: Integrating The Father-Son Relationship, How It Determines How You See Other Men, Male Authority Figures, and Your Own Masculinity (7:50)

Module 5 – A Deeper Dive Into Understanding Integrated Masculinity

Lesson 1: Finding the 4 Masculine Archetypes In Yourself and Understanding The Psychological Roots Behind Their Mature vs. Immature Expressions (12:15) 


Lesson 2: Embodying The Warrior, Master of Action, Courage, Integrity (16:52)


Lesson 3: Embodying The Lover, Master of Passion and Pleasure (12:45)


Lesson 4: Embodying The Magician, Master of Unseen, Hidden Forces (13:33)


Lesson 5: Embodying The King, Master of Big Decisions, Boundaries, Fatherly Love (22:23)


Lesson 6: Exercise to Integrate Your Shadow Expressions of Each Archetype (7:42)

Lesson 7: Strengthening and Balancing the Mature Archetypes (13:17)

Where Else Can You Learn This Material?

To be totally honest, this is not the only pathway into Men’s Work. The way I see it, you have a few options in front of you:

Study all the books you can find on men’s issues and incorporate the best lessons into your life. You’ll save money on the DIY approach. However, be prepared to spend a year or two reading a few dozen books, sifting through good and bad advice, and still maybe not finding the “gold” that you’re looking for.

Work with me one-on-one. We’d carve out an hour every week for 10 weeks. Then we’d apply the lessons to your life. This is a great option if you like more individual support. However, with only a few spots available, I have to charge a premium fee, which not many men can afford.

Go to a Live Workshop with any well-known Men’s Work teacher. You’ll pay $3,000 to $5,000 to sit in a crowd with other men for the weekend, some of whom have been into Men’s Work for decades. Don’t get me wrong, workshops can be powerful and worthwhile. Just be aware you won’t have much close-up time with the teacher.

Unfortunately none of the Men’s Work teachers I know and respect have introductory level courses. 


So I took the best of everything I’ve picked up on my own… Everything I’ve discovered with private clients…. And everything I’ve learned leading hundreds of men through men’s groups, and created one comprehensive introduction course. 

This Is The Doorway Into Men’s Work I Wish Existed When I Was 30…

Back then, I would’ve paid thousands of dollars for a course like this. But you’re not going to pay nearly that much. 


At the end of this course, you’ll feel the power of Men’s Work. It’s common for men to report major life changes not long after beginning men’s work: 


• Clearing up lifelong emotional baggage with their parents

• Committing to a more “conscious” relationship with their lover

• Becoming more present in their life

• Leaving behind stale careers and aligning with their life’s work

• Addressing addictions and resolving the root causes

• Stepping into leadership, and finding their own ability to heal others


You know those kinds of changes are priceless. 


Two of my teachers (who shall remain unnamed) charge over $10,000 to be in their inner circles. Some coaches charge $1,000 for a single session.  


I think you could agree it would be more than worth it with these kinds of benefits.


Right now if you join today, you won’t have to pay $10,000… you won’t pay $2,000… Or even half that at $1,000.

My Big Promise To You, If You Join

If you join the program, follow the material, and fully take it on… The Integrated Man is truly life-changing. 


Some men aren’t ready for that yet, and that’s okay. 

However, if you’re ready for The Integrated Man, then I invite you to join us inside for the low price of $297.


Why Start Men’s Work?

Although it’s different for most men, here are the most common reasons I hear from men:


• “To work through my masculine shadow and get closer to the healthy masculine”

• “Get to the root of fear-based reactivity”

• “Strengthen my masculinity”

• “Integrate the darker aspects of myself”

• “Level-up so I can become the leader I want to be, and help others do the same.”

• “Become a better me every day”

For The Man Who Wants To Rise Up And Become The Best He Can Be…  Where Does He Turn For Support, Guidance, and Structure?

Most men focus on creating a life that looks good on the outside, but forget to look within.


Men’s Work is the essential work of reclaiming, embodying, and integrating… That every man needs in order to step fully into his power and find true freedom.


This course is an initiation into that work.

The Future You Is Calling…

The one that knows himself deeply – and trusts himself completely. 


The you that keeps his heart and eyes open, fully present, leaning in… 


The you that feels his feelings without running away… 


The you that’s fully alive, a channel for his purpose… 


That you that’s in control of what’s his, like a King in his Kingdom…

…And He Needs You To Hear This Message:

You’re ready for the work. He’s heard all your excuses, so save them. He’s not giving up on you. 


Deep down, you feel your connection to him, the same man connected through time. You trust him because you know he’s got your back. 


If you want an introduction to men’s work that you can enjoy at home, on your own schedule… 


And if you believe The Integrated Man is right for you, I invite you to join today and get started on the material immediately. 


I promise you won’t regret it.

This is Ben, and I wanted to say thanks for reading this page. 


The Integrated Man contains material that has changed my life – I went from an addict out of rehab to leading hundreds of men through men’s work and thousands more through my podcast. 


I hope you enjoy it. Say hi once you’re inside!

P.S. If you want to get started in Men’s Work, The Integrated Man is a perfect introduction.


It’s 5 modules of video lessons, exercises, and resources to help you reclaim, embody, and integrate the parts of your masculinity that have been locked away, rejected, or simply hidden. 


Men’s work has been around for thousands of years, and nationally known teachers charge $3,000 to $5,000 for weekend workshops that are well worth it. 

This course opens the door to the essential teachings of men’s work, all for less than the price of a single one-hour session with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me? 

All I know is this course is my life’s work. It’s my energy, my interpretation of these tools that have been passed down through generations. 
If you align with my energy, and you resonate with my message, and you want to learn from me personally, then I believe this is the course to take.

I don’t want to join another course that doesn’t deliver…


I get it, maybe you’ve wasted your money on courses before. Maybe you’ve learned a ton of information, but your life hasn’t really changed. You’d be surprised how common that is. 


Here’s my promise to you with this course: 


If you join and you don’t do the work, you won’t get the benefits. Your life won’t change, not even a tiny bit. 


So if you’re not going to do the work, don’t join. The benefits won’t transfer through osmosis, you need to do the work. 


Want your first challenge? 


Commit to finishing the course – then set a time on your calendar and be accountable. Chip away at the lessons one at a time. Do the exercises. There’s no need to rush. But I do want you to take on the responsibility to finish strong.


Once you get through the lessons, then we can talk about whether or not it delivers.

Isn’t Men’s Work all about being around other men? Can it really work online?


In-person men’s groups can be powerful. I run one myself, so you know I believe in their value. But they do have a few pitfalls: 


• Depending where you live, you have to find a men’s group that meets locally

• You have to show up every week, even if your schedule is hectic

• You won’t follow a structured curriculum so you won’t get a solid introduction


If you can, I suggest you do both  – join a men’s group AND dive into men’s work on your own time. The two together are a powerful one-two punch, and the live groups support your solo journey of men’s work and vice versa.

What does integrated mean?


An integrated man is one who knows himself deeply and accepts both the dark and light parts of himself.


He’s in touch with his emotions, doesn’t run away from them – yet he doesn’t lose control.


He’s a channel for his purpose, his life’s work.


He listens to his body, his romantic partner, his kids, and nature… And responds accordingly.


He’s fully present, showing up, and leaning into what life brings.


Deep down, he’s satisfied with who he is, yet knows there’s always more to discover.


He knows freedom is an inside job, and he’s in control of what’s his to control.


The Integrated Man is designed to support you every step of the way.

Is there a guarantee?


If you do the entire course and you legit don’t like it, shoot me a message. I’ll give you your money back.