Find Your Purpose with the Purpose Method – w/ Mike Muscari – Episode #27

Mike Muscari joins me for a discussion about purpose. We talk about how to cut a path in your life that is aligned with your heart’s desire and your mission in the world.

In a world of infinite choice and many voices telling us what we should do, it is all too common to feel lost and directionless in our pursuit of purpose. The process of peeling away the “Shoulds” that have been placed on us by society is not easy. Mike has created a program to guide regular people through the process of uncovering and aligning with their purpose, so they can live an aligned life of fulfillment.

On this episode we cover:

  • Mike’s personal story of finding success as a financial advisor, and the transformation that followed.

  • The mid-life crisis that comes as a result of pursuing the illusion of success

  • The power of writing down your goals and dreams

  • Personal Development – learning about who you really are

  • Creating purpose for your life will create a ripple of change

  • The fear of change and our tendency to stay safe

  • How to use a “faith-based approach” to address fear

  • Purpose = Not what do you want to do, but WHO do you want to be in the world?

  • Using your purpose to guide your choices

  • Choosing the meaning for everything that happens in your life

  • Inside-out approach VS an outside in approach

  • The Purpose Method – uncovering one’s deepest values

  • How to ask the right questions to reveal the themes that point to your purpose

  • Resources in creating your own Purpose Constitution

  • The purpose of the purpose method – Uncovering your highest and deepest values so you can live without regrets

  • Creating a statement that guides your life

  • Mike’s upcoming trip across North America to interview people about purpose

Mike Muscari Purpose Method Evolving Man

Books and resources from this show

  1. Think And Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill

  2. 17 Principles Of Success – by Napoleon Hill

  3. Wayne Dyer’s work on Purpose

  4. Dan Millman’s Books

Mike’s Links

The Purpose Method Website

The Purpose Method Program

Instagram @ThePurposeMethod

Mike’s (amazing) Lyposomal Vitamin Company – Nano Nutra

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